Warehouse Racking

With so many varieties of warehouse racking out on the market, how do you choose the right warehouse racking for your workplace needs? We are specialists in our field and stock an extensive range of warehouse racking solutions.

As every workplace is unique, we offer custom racking solutions to fit all work environments. Whether pallet racking or cantilever racking, our warehouse racking teams in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney will work with you to plan, design and implement the perfect custom warehouse racking system to suit your requirements.

Second-hand pallet racking

Global Industrial offers a large selection of second-hand pallet racking. All pallet racking is thoroughly inspected before purchase and before resale to ensure there is no structural damage to the frames.

We’re sure to offer a pre-owned pallet racking solution for your requirements. Whether you need additional pallet racking supports, pallet racking footplates or row spacers, we can retrofit a second-hand system in your warehouse or retail space.

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet racking allows easy access to products, making it suitable for inventory that has a quick turnover. It’s typically the style of pallet racking recommended for distribution outlets, retail storage and bulk storage.

Roll-formed pallet racking is perhaps the most common form, with its simple clip-in configuration. That means that shelving in a roll-formed pallet rack can be readily adjusted to suit the different pallet rack requirements.

Drive-in Racking

Drive-in racking delivers maximum efficiency and storage for minimum space and is suitable for storing large quantities of the same product. When pallets are placed in drive-in racking, the pallets slide backwards on a rail so that they store neatly, delivering greater capacity in the warehouse.

Unlike selective pallet racking, drive-in racking allows for single entry application, and removes the need for space-consuming aisles. Available in single entry and double entry racks.

Cantilever Racking

Available in Heavy Duty, Medium Duty and Light Duty, cantilever racking allows for the storage of long and bulky items such as steel, lumber, plasterboard, PVC piping, carpets etc. Unlike pallet racks, which restrict the length of the items store, cantilever racking arms extend from the metal framework, allowing for easy access for forklifts to load and unload materials of any length.

Available in both single and double-sided configurations, Global Industrial cantilever racking are powder coated and hot dipped galvanised for strength and longevity, and are available in a combination of various sizes.

Vertical Racking

Global vertical racking is designed to store long items such as PVC conduit, timber or steel in a vertical orientation, and can be customised to include as many or few arms as you require depending on number of types of items that need storing as well as the height of the items being stored.

Available in single and dual-sided racks.

Global Rack Workbenches

Global rack workbenches are sturdy and easy to assemble and are made out of the most durable materials. Available in 2-Tier Workbenches and 4-Tier Workbenches, they are designed to be the optimal worktop for any workshop’s needs.

For extra efficiency, Global rack workbenches can be customised with heavy duty castor wheels, louvered panels, part bins, and hanging hook, and If you require a longer bench length or a heavier load capacity, you can always use our Global standard box beams which come in eleven different sizes.

Longspan Workbench

Global longspan workbenches are well-made and designed with our client’s needs in mind. Available in 2-Tier Longspan Workbenches and 4-Tier Longspan Workbenches, all workbenches are sturdy and durable, easy to assemble, and perfect for a variety of workplace applications.

For extra efficiency, this product can be customised with highly durable castor wheels, and louvered panels, parts bins and hanging hooks.

Longspan Shelving

Our longspan shelving are a highly practical solution for numerous storage applications, and can be easily configured to suit your workplace and home requirements. Whether you are expanding your facilities or upgrading an existing storage shelving system, longspan shelves provide great flexibility for small to medium items, and are highly suitable for retail stores, home garage or sheds, shipping containers, distribution centres, manufacturing facilities, mechanical workshops or storage warehouses.

A range of lengths and heights are available depending on usage requirements. The surface treatment is a dark grey powdercoat, and the shelf materials are available in chipboard, metal or mesh decks.

Are you unsure about which warehouse racking is most suitable to you?

The warehouse racking teams in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney offices will be happy to assist you in choosing the best industrial compactor for your needs. Email or call your local Global team for assistance.