Cantilever Racking

Global cantilever racking systems are some of the most versatile racking systems in Australia.

Unlike pallet racking, Global cantilever racks are adaptable, flexible and strong, capable of supporting a range of long-form, awkward, oversize and heavy items – and they are designed and manufactured to FEM 10.2.09 and can be certified for all types of Australian conditions and workplaces.

Global cantilever racking systems are the ultimate storage option for a variety of items that are mainstays of our building, industrial and construction industries. This racking versatility delivers accessible and functional design and maximum storage capabilities for all industrial environments.

There are many types of cantilever racking systems, and are available in different styles, such as cantilever pallet racking (made from pallet racking materials), roll form cantilever racking (C200, C305, C350 and C410 sections), and structural cantilever. Structural cantilever racks are the heaviest duty cantilever racks available on the market and are made from structural steel members rather than roll-formed materials.

The versatile storage solution

Whether it’s being installed in a warehouse, or outdoors, Global Industrial cantilever racks can stand the toughest of work conditions. The powder coated finish (as indicated by the blue and orange finish – a noticeable safety feature for workplace environments) is ideal for indoor storage facilities such as warehouses and workshops. Whereas the hot dipped galvanised (HDG) finish can withstand water penetration and rust, perfect for outdoor storage environments. The HDG finish creates a highly durable material that will prevent rust from occurring in outdoor situations. Our Cantilever racks have had wind load testing to ensure that the Global racking systems are suitable for cyclonic weather conditions.

Available in light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty varietals, Global pallet racking and cantilever systems are designed and manufactured in Australia for all types of Australian conditions – and for the versatility of storage options in mind!

Available in single and double-sided configurations, we can easily customise the height, arm length and loading capacity to suit your needs. Optional accessories including arm and base end spigots (to avoid cylindrical items from rolling off) are available upon request.

Heavy duty cantilever racking

The C350 and C410 heavy duty cantilever racking system is ideal for the loading and unloading of a variety of objects, including plywood, chipboard, timber, pipe, tubing, conduit and extrusions becomes easier to handle.

Medium duty cantilever racking

Our C305 medium duty cantilever racking system is ideal for objects including plywood, chipboard, timber, pipe, tubing, conduit and extrusions becomes easier to handle.

Light duty cantilever racking

Our C200 light-duty racks are perfect for hand loading and unloading steel, conduit, sheet metal, light structural members, building materials, doors, furniture, hardwood flooring, rolls of carpet and other construction materials.

Discover which cantilever rack is right for you.

Whether you’re searching for cantilever racking in Brisbane, or cantilever racking in Melbourne, or cantilever racking in Sydney, or cantilever racking in Perth, or, well, cantilever racking anywhere in Australia, Global is coventialy placed to help you with all your racking solutions.

To find out more about Global Industrial cantilever pallet racking, and how we can help you select the right cantilever racking for your workplace, visit the cantilever racking section of our website stop by your nearest Global warehouse or contact your local Global racking specialist.

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