Post Protection

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Code: Type: Size: Finish:
RH0269 Column U-shape 400mm Orange
RGGH250 Column U-shape 400mm HDG
RH0273 Corner L-shape 400mm Orange
RGGH251 Corner L-shape 400mm HDG
RH0275 Corner L-shape 600mm Orange


Column Guards

The Global column guard is designed to provide additional protection for you columns to help prevent fork strike.

The U-shaped type column guards are designed to go around the columns in your aisles. It is recommended that if using column guards in the aisles that a minimum 2743mm internal width beam is used to allow enough room for pallet entry below 400mm.

Available in 2 finishes  –  Hot dipped galvanised  (RH0272) and powder coated orange (RH0269)


Corner Guards

The  Global Corner guard is designed to meet your minimum cross aisle and gang way safety requirements under the AS4084:2012 standard.

Corner guards are required at the meeting points of all cross aisles and gangways (usually this means two per end of a pallet rack aisle unless that pallet racking aisle is against a wall).

Global offers three styles: Standard powder coated orange 400mm high (RG0273), hot dipped galvanised  400mm high (RGGH251) and a powder coated orange 600mm high (RG0275)


Pallet Deflectors

The Global pallet deflector is an additional rack protection method to help prevent pallets striking on the pallet racking columns. If a pallet partially encroaches on the pallet racking deflector is is gently guided away from the column.

Designed to suit Global rack 90mm post section. Available in two heights: 600mm high (RH0276) and 850mm high (RH0277)

It is recommended as an additional layer of protection beyond column guards but as always, rack protection is no substitute for safe forklift driving practices.


Contact your local Global warehouse to discuss the best options for your rack protection.

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