Mobile Parts Trolley

$501.57$802.26 inc. GST

Global Product Code: N/A
Dimensions: 1585H x 970W x 600D
Castor Wheels: Fitted with 4 x castor wheels
2 x Fixed & 2 x Swivels with brakes
Backing Panel Options:
  • Rolled-Type Louvre Panels
  • Square Punch Panels
Accessories for Square Punch Panels: 
  • Belt hook (SO0123)
  • Round hook (SO0124)
  • U-hook (SO0125)
  • 50mm single hook (SO0126)
  • 100mm single hook (SO0127)
  • 900mm wide shelf (SO0130)
Accessories for Rolled-Type Louvre Panels:
  • Various plastic parts bins
  • 900mm wide shelf
  • 150mm single prong hook
  • 150mm double prong hook


Mobile Parts Trolley

The Global mobile parts trolley is also commonly known as a mobile feeder trolley, a great solution for your workstation feeder bin requirements.

A double-sided feeder trolley unit set on lockable castors.

Ideal for storing and organising small parts such as nuts, bolts, fittings and other hardware that may be used in mechanical, engineering, plumbing or electrical workshops, shed and general warehouses.

It allows a large variety of small parts to be easily moved to various workstations, minimizing time loss due to traffic movements back and forth to a storage point.


Available with the rolled-type louvered panels or square punch panels or a combination of both.


Commonly sold as a complete unit set up with the Global Small Plastic Parts Bins.

The most purchased combination uses 116 bins spread across five sizes: 16 Grey, 32 Yellow, 32 Green, 12 Blue and 24 Red (as pictured)


Accessories to suit the square punch panels are also available and sold separately.


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