Longspan shelving

With so many options for residential, commercial and industrial shelving on the market, how do you know which is the right shelving solution for your business?

What’s the best shelf for the shed, garage office or the warehouse? Choosing the right shelving not only saves you space and money, it is the best way to maximise storage space and increase productivity, and provides added visual and physical benefits to you, your workforce or your contractors.

Global Industrial’s range of longspan shelving and longspan racking is the perfect shelving option for those who demand clear and convenient storage options. Whether you’re expanding your facilities, or upgrading an existing shelving system, our range of longspan shelves can be easily configured to suit your individual requirements – with numerous applications available.

As every job, workplace and home is unique, we offer a range of customisable and configurable longspan shelving systems for sale – all built to suit Australian standards and environments. Whether you’re searching for single tier, two-tier, or four-tier shelving, our reputation for reliability, knowledge and availability means we have the best and most competitive longspan shelving available in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The Global range

The upfront benefits of investing in longspan shelving and longspan racking is clear and well worth the investment. The Global longspan shelving systems are convenient and economical, and can be easily configured to suit the expansion of a home or business storage demands.

These longspan shelves are easy dismantlable, and can be move around from one location to another with relative ease.

We stock a range of longspan shelving options and accessories, providing you with a range of choice.

Our single tier, double tier, and four-tier racking, are commonly supplied with removable chipboard, metal galv decks or galvanized mesh shelving/decks, are available in a range of lengths and heights, making them suitable for any layout.

Longspan shelving, although durable, is generally designed with small to medium-sized items in mind. Although this is a heavy duty shelving it is not designed for palletised goods and placing heavier items could compromise the system and cause the boards to sag. Additional board supports are available for applications with a higher point weight load or if you need to utilised the full load capacity of the beams.

The racking is treated in a dark grey powder coat – ensuring maximum protection and durability. The boltless assembly for the beam to frame connection makes them easy to put together: simply stand up the frame, place the beams into position, and lock the safety pins in place.

Global offers a wide range of additional storage solutions to meet all needs. Browse our storage options here.

What can longspan shelving be used for?

Longspan shelves are a highly practical solution for numerous applications – due to their immense versatility and mobility. So, really, their uses are only restricted by the

imagination. However, common usages include:

● Retail stores

● Home garage or sheds

● Shipping containers

● Distribution centres

● Manufacturing facilities

● Mechanical workshops or garage

● Storage warehouses

● Mezzanine floors

● Small Parts Storage

Discover which longspan shelving is right for you

Our range of longspan shelving and longspan racking systems are available to view in our warehouses in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. So, if you’re looking for longspan shelving in Perth, longspan shelving in Brisbane, or longspan shelving in Melbourne, we will happily accommodate your enquiries.