Wire Cage for Pallets

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Dimension:1170L x 1170W x 800H

1170L x 1170W x 400H



Construction:100mm x 50mm x 6mm Mesh
Pallet Attachments:6 X Lugs

Wire Cage for Pallets
Global‰’s wire cage for pallets adds flexibility to your pallet storage.

Designed to fit over standard Australian 1165x1165mm square pallets. This cage allows you to contain awkward small items such as sphere‰s and cylinders that are difficult to palletise in normal situations.

Versatile and easily stored flat, wire cages for pallets are a great idea to allow your warehouse to make the maximum use of space at minimal additional cost.
Each unit is capable of being folded down for easy storage when not in use. These units are constructed of 6mm mesh all over to ensure a great strength to weight ratio.

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