Industrial Warehouse Shelving

Are you looking for quality industrial warehouse shelving in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney?

When you invest in your warehouse shelving your stock takes care of itself. Ensure that your inventory remains in prime condition by keeping it safe off the ground, away from liquids, foot traffic and pests. With heavy-duty and light-duty warehouse shelving, plus sold workshop workbenches, you’re sure to find the perfect storage solution for your warehouse.

Global Industrial provides retail and industrial warehouse shelving in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, as well as delivering across the country.

All our industrial warehouse shelving is rigorously stress-tested in extreme environments, making it suitable whether you’re in the red centre or the high slopes of Thredbo. 

See industrial warehouse shelving in Brisbane

As suppliers to large warehouses, Global Industrial has the capacity to provide entire warehouse shelving systems. If your organisation looking to improve its logistics capability, or speed of pick-pack employees, talk with us about warehouse improvements and shelving system options.

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Move your stock onto and off warehouse shelving using gravity rollers, platform trolleys or pallet jacks – all available through Global Industrial. Plus our warehouse shelving can be used for retail applications, with gondola fixtures and adjustable hook fixtures for smaller items.

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Want to see our industrial warehouse shelving for yourself? We have showrooms in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane, with the capability to deliver shelving options Australia wide – often flat-packed to reduce transport costs. We do know logistics, after all!

You’ll find storage options for large and bulky items too. Warehouse racking and versatile warehouse pallet storage options could reshape your facilities to maximise space for a minimal additional cost.

Invest in the best for safety and design. Get all your warehouse supplies from the trusted name in industrial storage: Global Industrial.