Vertical Rack


This storage system is recommended for long products that can stand vertically, minimising the need for floor space. For example, PVC conduit, timber trims, steel, aluminium, mouldings and electrical supplies. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.



Bay Heights:




Bay lengths: 1372mmL


Double sided and single sided: Yes
Arm dividers: Vertical Arm 600mmL
To suit 80x40mm beam
Non-load bearing
Square 40x40mm tubVertical Arm 600mmL
To suit 100x50mm beam
Non-load bearing
Square 40x40mm tubHose Hanger 700mmL
To suit 100x50mm beam.
Round 48mm diameter.
Supports up to 60kgs UDL per hanger
Front stop: A front stop is provided to create a barrier for the contained goods. This helps prevent the goods from sliding forwards from the rack.

Vertical Raking is also commonly known as A-frame racking.

This storage system is perfectly designed for long products that can stand vertically on its end. Minimising the need for floor space.

Some examples of products that can be stored;

  • PVC Conduit
  • Timber Trims
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Mouldings
  • Electrical Supplies etc.

Available in both a single and double-sided configurations, the vertical rack system allows you to maximise the storage area in your warehouse. Single-sided racks works perfectly along a wall, whereas the double-sided is best suited out in the open warehouse space.

We mainly offer the vertical racking in two lengths 1372mm and 2591mm. The floor stop is made to these sizes, creating a barrier and preventing any of your goods from sliding forward.

Another great aspect of the vertical rack is its ability to include as many or few dividing arms. We’ve got two types of arms that are compatible with the vertical rack;

  • 600mm long vertical dividers that are non-load bearing- available to suit either 80x40mm or 100x50mm beams
  • 700mm long hose hanger that can hold up to 60kgs UDL per hanger.

All of Global’s Pallet Racking has been tested to and fully complies with latest Australian racking code AS 4084-2012

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