Row Spacers

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Code: Type: Size
RH0151 Welded Type 430mm
RH0152W Welded Type 609mm
RH0152 Bolted Type 609mm
RH0153 Bolted Type 1162mm


Row spacers, also commonly known as row ties are used to provide adequate spacing between two back-to-back rows of selective pallet racking.


The AS4084:2012 calls for a minimum spacing between two back-to-back to be 430mm to provide adequate safety tolerances for pallets to ‰’waterfall’ over pallet racking as well as to provide a minimum tolerance to allow warehouse sprinkler systems to provide fire retardancy to the space between two back-to-back rows of pallet racking.
Global provides three types of row spacers, a bolted type, fixed/pressed type and welded type.


The fixed type is formed from a single pressed element and the welded type is formed from two welded brackets and a bolted spacer tube.

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