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If you’re reading this, you’re probably sick of looking at your cluttered garage and finally getting around to cleaning it – well done! Chaotic spaces affect your state of mind, so the sooner your garage is sorted, the better.

Garages often become places for things without a place – odds and ends and junk! We throw stuff in there and hope for the best. But you can find a place for all those items with the proper garage shelving and create a functional space that doesn’t drive you crazy. 

Here are our tips for clearing your clutter! 


5 garage shelving ideas for clearing your clutter 


Throw, keep and giveaway 

First things first, you need to get rid of unwanted items. If sorting is something you procrastinate over, try reframing it as a cleansing experience – think of how much better you will feel with less junk!

Divide items into three piles – things you’ll keep, things you’ll chuck and things you’ll sell or giveaway. Then divide what you’ll keep into two piles – items you’ll store in the garage and items you’ll keep elsewhere. It’s not uncommon to find things that may be better to store inside.  


Choose your garage shelving 

Now you know what will be stored in your garage, it’s time to store it properly. Shelving is key to a clutter-free garage. It maximises space and clears items off the floor. The best shelving for garages? We love longspan garage shelving. You can customise it to the size of your garage and adjust shelf levels to cater for different size items. Longspan shelving has a weight capacity of up to 300kg per level, so most domestic items will suit this shelving type. 


Zoning: Sort your items into themes

Once you have your garage shelving set up, now’s the time to decide where to store what. Zoning is a popular garage storage solution. It means sorting your items into themes to make things easier to find. For example, you may have a zone for tools, gardening equipment, and a zone for sports equipment. Here’s another garage storage idea: Think about what you access more frequently and store these items within reach. 


Storage bins and plastic crates 

Smaller items quickly accumulate and can easily get lost if not stored properly. They also look messy on garage wall shelving. A great way to store these items is with 52L plastic crates. These crates pair perfectly with longspan shelving and make it easier to group similar belongings. For even smaller items like nails and screws, small parts trays or plastic bins will help. 



Do you like to do DIY projects in your spare time? Or need bench space in your garage? You don’t need to invest in a professional workshop, you can grab a 4 Tier Global Rack Workbench or a 2 Tier Workbench. These give you a designated space to fix your gadgets or repair furniture – whatever you choose to do. You can also place work-in-progress items on the workbench instead of storing them on the floor or cluttering your shelves. Workbenches are easy to assemble and can be stored flat when not in use. 

We hope these garage shelving ideas help!

Ready to get to work and organise your garage? In the meantime, check out our storage solutions to help get the job done!