Plastic Parts Trays

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BIN117W x 400D x 90HSO04109
BIN234W x 400D x 90HSO04209
BIN234W x 400D x 140HSO04214
BIN117W  x 600D x 90HSO06109
BIN234W x 600D x 90HSO06209
BIN234W  x 600D x 140HSO06214
DIVIDERSuits the SO04109 and the SO06109SO0D109
DIVIDERSuits the SO04209 and the SO06209SO0D209
DIVIDERSuits the SO04214 and the SO06214SO0D214


Plastic Parts Trays

Global Plastic Parts trays are a great method of tidying up and sorting your small parts needs.


Available in a large assortment of sizes in 400mm or 600mm deep. These sturdy containers are strong and designed to last.


Try using these trays with the Global Steel RUT Shelving.

EG: On a 900mm wide RUT unit, you will fit 7 x 117mm wide trays across a shelf. On a 1200mm wide RUT unit you can fit 10 per shelf.


Each parts tray comes with a label and label protector to ensure that once you have tidied everything up, you can quickly locate the items that you require.


Optional accessories include: Dividers and stopper handles.

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