Plastic Parts Trays

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Bin/Divider Dimensions: Code: Carton Qty
BIN 117W x 400D x 90H SO04109 24
BIN 234W x 400D x 90H SO04209 12
BIN 234W x 400D x 140H SO04214 8
BIN 117W  x 600D x 90H SO06109 24
BIN 234W x 600D x 90H SO06209 12
BIN 234W  x 600D x 140H SO06214 8
DIVIDER Suits the SO04109 and the SO06109 (sold separately) SO0D109 360
DIVIDER Suits the SO04209 and the SO06209 (sold separately) SO0D209 180
DIVIDER Suits the SO04214 and the SO06214 (sold separately) SO0D214 120


Plastic Parts Trays

Global Plastic Parts trays are a great method of tidying up and sorting your small parts needs.


Available in a large assortment of sizes in 400mm or 600mm deep. These sturdy containers are strong and designed to last.


Try using these trays with the Global Steel RUT Shelving.

EG: On a 900mm wide RUT unit, you will fit 7 x 117mm wide trays across a shelf. On a 1200mm wide RUT unit you can fit 10 per shelf.


Each parts tray comes with a label and label protector to ensure that once you have tidied everything up, you can quickly locate the items that you require.


Optional accessories include: Dividers and stopper handles.

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