Pallet Rack Footplate

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Global Product Code: N/A
Code: Product Type Plate thickness:
RH0251 Standard footplate (Zinc) 4mm
RH0259 Workbench footplate (Zinc) 4mm
RH0262 Heavy duty 90mm (Zinc) 6mm
RGGH122 Extra heavy duty 90mm (HDG) 8mm
RH0255 Heavy Duty Castor Footplate (Zinc) 6mm

Footplates are also commonly referred to as base plates.

There are 4 different foot plates that Global has to offer:


Standard footplate (Zinc)

Global’s standard pallet rack footplate has been designed to suit a Global/Apex pallet racking post up to 4877mm high.

They will fit post profiles of  90mm.

To level these footplates, the universal 1.5mm thick shim plates will suit.


Workbench (Zinc)

Designed to suit our Global pallet racking workbenches.

These footplates allow the user to attach the M12 single thread castor wheel, making the unit mobile.


Heavy Duty Castor Footplate (Zinc)

Designed to suit our Apex pallet racking workbenches which will be used with the heavy duty castor wheels.


Heavy duty (Zinc)

Designed for indoor applications only. The 90mm heavy duty footplate must be used for Global racking that is 6096mm or higher as a minimum.

The universal 1.5mm thick shim plates suit these footplates.


Extra heavy duty (HDG)

Mostly used for external applications where a heavier bay capacity or a high wind loading is required.

The plate is 8mm thick, compared to the heavy duty foot plate which is only 6mm thick.

The universal 1.5mm thick shim plates suit these footplates.


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