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Pallet racking for a brand-new warehouse

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Location Bayswater, WA

Global Industrial supplied, delivered and arranged installation of 1,468 pallet positions plus over 60 pick levels in a brand-new warehouse located in Bayswater, Western Australia. The client was happy their project was delivered on time and within budget.

Global Industrial Case Studies - Pallet racking for a brand-new warehouse

The Global Industrial process


Planning phase

There was limited planning involved as the layout was determined by the client and they provided a detailed floorplan.


Design & engineering process

Because the client had supplied a floorplan and design within their brief, Global had to check some crucial measurements on-site to ensure they were accurate and that everything fit within the space and enough clearances were left for forklift mobility, fire exits and doorways.

All dimensions and configurations were checked on the loading calculator to know what post and beam thicknesses were required to achieve 1000kg pallet space.


Delivery and installation process

There was a slight delay in the installation due to final engineer checks of the concrete floor.
Once that was approved, Global liaised with the installation crew in setting a new date and then arranged the delivery of goods to be on-site the day prior. Overall, the installation was completed in 4 days.

What products/outcomes Global Industrial suggested and why

Selective Pallet Racking

All APEX standard sizes throughout.

7315mmH x 838mmD frames with 430mm row spacers

2743mmL beams for all standard bays and 3810mmL beams for bridge bays.

Selective Pallet Racking

End Wrap Barriers

2350mm double end wrap barriers were used to protect all frames under the bridge bays. It’s the greatest form of protection for the frames as there is limited space on either side for the forklift when going through.

End Wrap Barriers

Post Protection

Corner guards were used on all end frames, other than the bridge bays.

Post Protection

Load Sign for Pallet Racking

All signs were fitted to the end of the runs at approximately 2,000mm from the ground (just above eye height) fully labelled with the beam and bay loadings specific to that run.

Load Sign for Pallet Racking

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