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3PL Warehousing provider

Client 3PL Warehousing provider
Industry Industrial | Commercial
Location Tottenham, Victoria

The 3PL warehousing provider needed a new racking set up to increase the storage capacity of their imports shed. Global Industrial partnered closely with the client to provide a double deep racking solution that maximised the storage capacity of the clients shed, from design to installation to ongoing maintenance.

Global Industrial Case Studies - Pallet racking for 3PL Warehousing provider

The Global Industrial process


Planning Phase

  • Global met with the clients onsite and discussed extensively the intended placement and use of the racking.
  • Global measured the required space and input this information into a CAD drawing for the client.
  • Global went back and forth with the customer to fine tune the requirements and required timeline to ensure the correct solution was being provided

Understanding constraints of the environment

  • Global carefully worked with the customer to recognise issues with height restrictions in the intended space. Structural beams were positioned along the back wall that extended the roofline. A large pipe protruded along the back warehouse wall
  • Global also liaised with the customer regards the requirements for the installation due to the 24 hours per day use of the shed in question.
  • Global established an installation process with the customer to minimise disruption during the continued operation of the facility.
  • Global found a solution that could be delivered in the deadline the customer required due to incoming import stock that required a home in the new rack installation

Design & engineering process

  • A double deep rack was designed to ensure flexible capacity for the space could be achieved, while still ensuring denser storage than standard selective racking.
  • The customer purchased specialised forklifts to use with the double deep rack and Global sought detailed information on these forklifts to ensure the best fit and minimise wasted space in the aisles.
  • The in-house Global Design Module was used to ensure the racking was designed to be compliant with AS4084:2012 and the correct frames and placement of beams was used to ensure this.

Delivery and installation process

  • An installation company with the right capabilities was sub-contracted to ensure smooth installation.
  • The client, also being a transport company, organised their own transport.
  • The installation proceeded over a 2-week period starting with onsite frame building.
  • As each row of racking was completed and anchored in place then signed off as complete. As soon as this was done after ach run, the client filled the racking to make clear space ahead of the installation team.
  • This process allowed the efficient completion of the racking while also allowing the 24 hours operation to continue operating with limited disruption.


Selective pallet racking

Custom ordered powder coated blue upright posts and bracing at 7315mmH throughout and 8001mmH for the end frames. All beams are the standard 2591mmL to suit two standard pallets side-by-side.

Selective Pallet Racking

Load sign for pallet racking

All signs were fitted to the end of the runs at approx. 2,000mm form the ground (just above eye height) fully labelled with the beam and bay loadings specific to that run.

Load sign for pallet racking

End wrap barriers

Double deep end wrap barriers used at the end of the runs to protect the frames from any damage. Standard size 2350mmL which suits a back-to-back 838mm frame with a430mm row spacer in-between.

End wrap barriers

Custom post protection

Custom designed post deflectors were positioned at the bottom of every single post for added protection. Designed with a cut-out at the bottom for a beam level to be positioned near the ground.

Custom post protection

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