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Warehouse operations can feel a bit like level 29 of Tetris; a fight against the clock to fit incoming stock into the right place. If it’s time to level up your warehouse game, industrial shelving and racking are the missing pieces to solve your space dilemmas and streamline operations. Here are at least 8-bits you need to consider:

Custom Racking: Global Industrial puts you in control

You can choose to buy off the rack, so to speak, or talk with Global Industrial about creating a custom solution to fit your unique warehouse layout. From mobile workbenches to installing multi-metre pallet racking to maximise your square-footage, we’ll find the right fit for your workplace.

Help work get done at super-speed

A disorganised warehouse will usually end up with staff wandering aimlessly like the ghosts of Pac-Man. Considered inventory management is the key to streamlined operations. Storage racking and industrial shelving play a pivotal role by ensuring quick access to items, reducing search times, and minimising errors in picking orders. 

Safety first: There are no 1-Ups in life 

Ideal storage solutions mean more than just ‘fitting more in.’ Our meticulous design process ensures that storage solutions can be properly anchored to protect against workplace accidents and allow for ample clearance for forklift mobility, fire exits, and doorways. 

Racking super-strength 

Highly regarded by warehouse designers, APEX racking is built strong enough to hold a barrel-throwing gorilla. Solid, dependable, and capable of handling the heaviest loads, storage racking needs to be correctly installed and anchored to meet Australian Standards. 

Investing in getting it right

Implementing the right kind of storage racking and industrial shelving isn’t just about organisation; it’s an investment in overall efficiency. Improving space utilisation and increased productivity contribute to improved profitability over time. 

Which type of racking will save the most space in the warehouse?

Selective pallet racking tends to save the most space in a warehouse as it maximises much more vertical space and allows direct access to each pallet. Where pallet racking is not feasible or appropriate, there are several types of shelving that can be implemented in your game plan.


Types of Industrial Shelving


RUT Shelving

A versatile steel system, RUT (Rolled Upright Type) shelving offers modular bays adaptable to diverse needs. Available in single and double-sided configurations, bays have adjustable shelves within a steel shell. Global Industrial’s RUT shelving supports up to 90 kg per shelf up to a total of 800 kg per bay. It’s most popular as archive storage, manufacturing facilities and home garages. Its adaptability caters to small object storage, aided by accessories like sliding shelf dividers and plastic parts trays for streamlined organisation.

Light Duty Rivet Shelving

Often used as cool room shelving, its electro-galvanised surface enables usage in humid environments. The Z-beams are designed to create a flush fit and beam ties reinforcing the unit provides adaptability and strength for varied storage requirements. It’s worth noting however, that cleaning products should be selected with caution to prevent chemical reactions with its zinc plating.

Gondola Shelving

You’ll be familiar with Gondola Shelving in retail settings like grocery stores, retail, and convenience stores. The system comprises first bays—freestanding units with two upright posts—and add-on bays that connect to the previous unit, needing only one upright post. Individual shelves hold a max of 80kg, making them more of a light-duty solution. However, they’re incredibly versatile with optional accessories like wire baskets, dividers, hooks, drawers, and magazine holders.

Longspan Shelving

Perfect for a garage, warehouse, or workshop, Longspan Shelving is adaptable for expanding facilities or revamping existing storage systems. Preassembled frames allow for boltless assembly, or, when supplied in its component form, assembly only requires a few bolts to brace the frame. These shelves accommodate small to medium-sized items, with additional supports available for higher weight loads. 

Depending on how you are going to use your shelving, we offer chipboard, mesh, metal, or even our 52L storage tubs as the insert shelf material. Longspan shelving of heights greater than 3000mm must, legally, be anchored to the ground — and anchoring is recommended for most shelving.

Get on board with Mesh Decks 

Galvanised mesh decks offer durability, cleanliness, and enhanced safety. The galvanising process provides protection from rust — plus metal decks are fire resistant and won’t absorb liquids or humidity from the air like chipboard can. Their design allows for easy cleaning by letting dust fall through, while their transparency aids in stock visibility. Mesh decks for longspan shelving have a loading capacity of up to 150kg, depending on the configuration.


Winning the Warehouse Game

How long does it take to get your warehouse storage right? Take a look at our recent project in Bayswater, Western Australia, where we seamlessly arranged the installation of 1,468 pallet positions and over 60 pick levels in a brand spanking new warehouse, delivering on time and within budget.

When you design things to flow properly, order fulfilment can move at Sonic speed. That’s critical to customer satisfaction, whether it’s a stock-search for someone waiting at the help desk, or dispatching an online order on the same day. And that’s sure to earn you a high score on your online reviews!


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