coloured plastic storage tubs

You’ve likely looked long and hard at plastic parts bins and durable storage crates, but are they worth the investment? A thoughtfully organised storage system is critical to business success, whether you’re running a small startup or have joined the “Three Commas Club,’’ you’re going to want to invest in some heavy duty storage containers.

So, if you have BIG plans to scale your logistics, warehousing or delivery, what tools are at your disposal for improving warehouse or worksite organisation? Industrial shelving is one part of the equation. But for smaller items, you’ll need a system that makes stock easy to locate and access.

So what plastic containers work best with longspan shelving?


Why Global Industrial 52L Crates are ideal for any business

storage tub

Global Industrial 52-Litre crates (lid sold separately) are heavy duty storage tubs made in Australia and formed using high grade polypropylene (PP) , which is acceptable as a food grade storage and a recyclable material.

Unlike some cheaper types of plastic, our thick moulding makes cracks or snaps less likely and allows for storing heavier items. They are also loved in warehouse organisation because they’re: 

  • Nestable when not in use
  • Have an optional lid with a fixed snap-locking mechanism
  • When used with the lid, the crate is stackable on top of one another without damaging the contents inside
  • Perfectly bridge the width of standard longspan shelving


Keep your contents safe from the elements

Water, dust and insects can destroy your gear, so opt for a hard-wearing crate lid. 

Another reason to opt for plastic containers is that many pests adore cellulose in paper and cardboard. Corrugated cardboard boxes and archive files stored on the ground for long periods are at risk of pest infestations. 

Unlike cardboard boxes or milk crates, a tub with a snap-tight lid helps reduce the likelihood of termites and silverfish finding their way into crates or rodents nesting or ingesting the contents. A firm-filling lid also makes it harder for any littlies to get inside — but lids are not certified childproof, so always be sure to store dangerous items out of reach of children.


Why black is always in fashion

We’ve found black plastic is easy to keep clean and offers excellent UV protection for the contents. It keeps expensive items away from prying eyes and helps keep the storage looking consistent. 

Some say they prefer clear plastic containers to quickly identify what’s inside, but clear plastic tubs are usually too thin for heavy workplace use. Plus, there are plenty of simple, DIY organisational labelling solutions available to suit your business.


Storage tub labelling solutions

A simple strip of masking tape and a marker might be a fine DIY solution for when there’s only one type of item in each plastic tub

Our plastic parts containers come with a nifty slot at the front to display your label, which can easily be swapped out at any time.

A chalk paint pen is another option if you intend to reuse your plastic containers for different items regularly. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth, with no sticky residue.

Or, if your storage containers cop a bit of rough treatment on the road, consider a plastic-safe spray paint stencil or heavy-duty adhesive labels.

Another solution for storing various types of equipment or consumables within a particular category is to adhere an A4 PVC clear binder pouch or A5 document pouch to the front, side or top and slide a paper list of the contents into it. This is a great option if you need to store more information such as product codes or inventory levels. If the contents change over time, the list can be updated as needed. Just make sure all staff have a ballpoint pen handy!

Tech savvy storage solutions include systems like ToteScan®, the app that “takes labelling to the next level.” Order the printable labels and print QR-based stickers to apply to your boxes and other items, along with a unique alpha-numeric code. FYI, Global Industrial has no affiliation with ToteScan®, but many swear by it.



Think outside the box: Storage for smaller items

Small plastic parts bins are ideal for keeping smaller items within easy reach, including in the drawers of your ute toolbox. Stackable plastic bins can be stored lengthwise inside the larger 52L Plastic tubs if needed, as can plastic parts trays with separators. Check the dimensions, but many fit perfectly in Rolled Upright Type (RUT) shelving with a 400mm or 600mm depth.

Or, for those who froth on pure organisation for their workshop, take a look at a transportable Mobile Parts Trolley [pictured] that can be configured with a traditional pegboard system to get it just how you like it.


Why heavy duty storage containers are the way to go for your garage or business

If you buy cheap and nasty, you’ll buy twice. We believe in quality that lasts in everything at Global Industrial, not least because plastic will outlast us all. Cheaper plastic containers exist, but they won’t stand up to heavy use — just look at your local landfill.

We subscribe to the belief of “buy once, buy well”. Invest in a well-organised space to enhance productivity and accessibility, and your business will outlast the rest. When you’re ready to explore the ideal storage solutions for your business, reach out to Global Industrial. We’re here to assist you in elevating your organisation to the next level.