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Most of us know someone who always goes to the next level when it comes to organisation. Everything in their life is colour-coded, matching, and laid out in a very particular order. You might think of them as a neat freak, but we like to think of them as our kind of people.

Why? Because these kinds of habits can make life so much easier for everyone. Especially when this is applied to the workplace. Ask yourself, how many times have you experienced the dreaded task of trying to find something in a storeroom or warehouse that more closely resembles a teenager’s messy bedroom than any kind of organised or professional environment? It certainly drives us up the wall.

With so much happening on the go, finding a proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’ at work is not only time-consuming, but can even be a safety hazard when things are loose or all over the place. So where do you start if you want to tame the mess? Well, if we’ve got one tip for you to stay organised, it’s to use plastic storage containers and plastic parts trays.

But does using plastic fit with your ESG policies? Plastic tends to get a bad wrap these days, but that discussion is more about the single-use variety. Even the most eco-conscious waste-warriors agree that plastic’s durability means less waste in the long run when it’s used for long-term items like warehouse storage systems.

From space savings, to easy inventory management and durability, the many advantages of plastic storage containers are clear to see. From small parts bins, to stackable parts bins, nestable crates, and containers in a range of sizes and configurations, let’s break down why you’ll want to consider switching to these in your workplace:

1. Improved organisation

With plastic storage containers, you’ll be able to organise your products with built-in labels, colour coding, and optional dividers to separate your goods – features that will make it that much easier for you to locate what you’re after.Global Industrial’s range of sizes allow you the flexibility to go big or go small (and mix and match) whatever size of products you need to store.


2. Space-saving

No storeroom or warehouse has unlimited space. So it goes without saying, but the more organised your ‘stuff’ is, the more invaluable space you’ll save. Having the advantage of containers designed to stack will also save you floor and shelf space, not to mention avoid any ‘Leaning Towers of Pisa’ that could come crashing down.


3. Durability

Storing anything long-term or just keeping it safe and secure means you need to consider plastic containers. Unlike cardboard, wood, and other types of boxes, a plastic storage container will last you years, and can withstand more impact and the kinds of manhandling you might encounter in a warehouse environment. Then there’s the elements. 52L Plastic storage containers will protect their contents from potential water damage – and the added option of using plastic crate lids also creates a seal that will keep moths and dust out. Their sturdy nature also makes them easily transportable, with less chances of them being crushed on the move.


4. Cost-effectiveness

Global Industrial’s range of plastic storage containers are also relatively affordable – especially when you consider how much longer they’ll last you than other inferior types of storage. We have a solution for every budget – and stock a massive range too. Changing over to plastic storage containers doesn’t cost the planet either – with most being recyclable to reduce waste.With all these benefits in mind, it’s hard to make a case for any other kind of storage solution. Cardboard? Flakey and not up to the task. Steel? Prone to rust. Wood? Well sure, it’s sturdy, heavy, and you don’t want to get it wet. This is why we think when it comes to office and workshop storage, plastic is fantastic!


Combining our plastic storage containers with the right shelving will mean you can stay on top of every aspect of organisation. Talk to one of our reps today about plastic storage containers, or browse our product range.