pallet racking

We admit pallet racking is something you want to set and forget. You’re busy and other aspects of business seem more urgent. But your inventory system is integral to the efficiency and safety of your business.

An organised shelving system streamlines your work environment and increases productivity. You also avoid serious safety issues that will cost you time, money and headaches in the future

One easy way to evaluate your warehouse is to review your systems.


Here are 5 reasons to upgrade your pallet racking system in 2021.


1. Safety comes first. Always.

Safety always comes first, and that’s why we’re starting with the obvious one. A safe pallet system is integral to the well-being of your workplace.

Pallet racking collapse is the result of dodgy damaged racking uprights and/or beams. And it could result in serious injuries, hefty legal fees, and inventory damage.

And who wants to deal with that?

It’s crucial that your pallet racking system is secured correctly. Does your system comply with Australian Standards for Steel Storage (AS4084:2012)?

If you’re not sure, Global Industrial does Risk Safety Inspections, also known as Rack Audits. These on-site inspections are quite thorough and you will receive a detailed report outlining;

  • The condition of the rack
  • Ensure the rack is being used and loaded correctly
  • Highlight any damage
  • Inform you and your staff members of the complexity of damage based on the ‘traffic light system’ which indicates serious damage (red), hazardous damage (amber/yellow) and acceptable damage (green)
  • Provide a list of items and tasks to be actioned.
  • Provide a quotation to fulfil items that need to be fixed or replaced.

Inspections should be carried out on a regular basis. The Australian Standard recommends at least once every 12 months. It’s time to make sure your set-up is safe, secure, and sturdy enough to meet the demands of the upcoming year.

2. A new financial year calls for a warehouse review

Continuous revision and strategic planning are key to a successful business. How long has it been since you reviewed your storage system? Are pallets easily accessible and well organised?

Effective pallet racking is integral to warehouse productivity. And if you’re planning for future growth, you want to create the space and systems for it.

We recommend reviewing your pallet racking system every quarter. Take note of what’s working and what’s not. Are your industrial racking shelves taking up too much room? Is your inventory bottlenecking? 

We’re now in a new financial year, and it’s up to us to make decisions that will ensure our success in 2021/2022. Now is the time to supercharge your supply chain by storing pallets effectively. 

If it’s time to update your racking – even though it’s still in good shape – you can sell it to us as second-hand pallet racking.


3. Future growth relies on warehouse capabilities

2021 is your year. You’re going to double inventory, sell more stock and raise revenue. What’s going to stop you? Your warehouse processes. If you’re planning to bring in more products or grow your team staff, you need to know your industrial racking shelves will handle the load. Do you have enough room in your warehouse? Does your system allow for easy manoeuvering? 

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself while planning for extra growth. Before you plan for growth, it’s wise to make room for it.


4. A change in inventory means a change in systems

It would be convenient if pallet racking was a one-size-fits-all affair, but different warehouse set-ups and pallet sizes may require new racking systems. Bringing in bigger stock? If the size of your pallets is increasing in height you may also need to consider adjusting the levels in your up your pallet bays. Or do you need to accommodate wider pallets? This is when frame depth comes into play. You may need to Upgrade your selective pallet racking system. to accommodate wider pallets.

Alternatively, if you’re holding pallets for a considerable amount of time, you can organise your racking in a Push Back system, which allows up to six pallets to sit comfortably on your racks.


5. Moving premises is the perfect excuse

You know when you move house and you’re suddenly motivated to ditch the old and buy everything new? This is because the moving process is the perfect time to take stock and reorganise. 

It’s the same with moving warehouses. A new space will require a revised racking stacking configuration. You can revisit your floor plan, adjust shelving heights, and change levels.  


You’ll have to move all your pallets anyway, so why not get rid of the cheap pallet racking system and deck your new space out with a quality system that works and will do so for many years to come?

2021 is your year. The year to upgrade your pallet racking system, improve efficiency, and plan for future growth. Get in touch with our teams in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney today.