Build up with a mezzanine floor

Global Industrial’s Mezzanine floors staircase.Next time when you’re in the warehouse, look up and see how much space is currently being wasted!

Why not use that space by building up with one of Global Industrial’s Mezzanine floors? Doing so has saved many of Global’s previous customer’s huge amounts of money as they did not have to rent or buy another larger building!



Have your pallet racking installed professionally

Example of Global Industrial Pallet Racking system.Installs by Global Industrial takes a number of factors into account that will help you achieve maximum efficiency & storage capabilities.

Global has been in the industry for 40+ years and has the experience to suggest the right kind of racking for you based on the products you are storing.

We can build around your forklift so you can have racking installed to a practical height and with a safe but efficient space to turn your forklift.

Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG) racks options for outdoor applications.

Global has Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG) options for outdoor applications

Our HDG racking is rated by Australian engineers & is built taking your wind & seismic area into consideration.

This means we can supply racking made for all areas of Australia whilst providing a safe working load, giving you peace of mind knowing you have planned on a safe way to store your products outdoors that will last in the harsh Australian conditions.

Plan big for your small parts

A few examples of Global Industrial storage products.

Many companies carry a number of small parts but do not plan ahead for how staff will efficiently store them resulting in loss of efficiency and therefore wasted time/labour cost. Global has a number of options that can help.

For example, RUT shelving is great for fitting a lot of equipment into a small area & with the addition of Global’s plastic bins you can label your products to find them faster.

Louvered trolleys allow you to wheel your tools and hardware around to where you need them. With the addition of one of these trolleys to your warehouse, your staff will no longer have to run across the warehouse looking for what they need when they need it.

Louvered panels with bins allow the use of the wall to carry additional stock, and can also be an extremely cost-effective way to store more small parts.

At Global Industrial, we specialise in storage solutions! Call today on 1300 76 26 86 & let us help you find a solution.