Row Spacers

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RH-KIT18 430mm
RH-KIT24 609mm
RGGH070 430mm X-brace
RGGH060 430mm HDG Welded


Row spacers, also commonly known as row ties or frame ties.

Used to provide adequate spacing between two back-to-back rows of selective pallet racking.

The AS4084:2012 calls for a minimum spacing between two back-to-back to be 430mm to provide adequate safety tolerances for pallets to ‘waterfall’ over pallet racking as well as to provide a minimum tolerance to allow warehouse sprinkler systems to provide a fire retardant space between two back-to-back rows of pallet racking.

Global provides three different types; 430mm and 609mm standard row spacer complete with M10x30mm nuts and bolts, a hot-dipped galvanised 430mm X-brace mostly used in outdoor applications where a stonger wind tolerance is required and finally a 430mm hot-dipped galvanized welded row spacer, used in most standard outdoor environments

When quoting, Global will make sure the best row spacer is used for your situation.

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