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Clamp Style Handrail

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Ideal for handrail stanchions and balustrade systems.

HEIGHTStandard height of the hand rail is 1050mmH, however the handrail or barrier can be customized to any height required.
STANCHION SPACINGThe maximum distance from center to center of the stanchions should not exceed 2000mm
DISTANCE BETWEEN RAILSFor installations onĀ  a Mezzanine floors the rails can not be spaced more than 450mm apart, and a kick rail is required in this type of installation

For installations on a warehouse floor or at floor level, the knee rail should not be set higher than 560mm from the ground and the hand rail should not have more than a 450mm gap from the knee rail

RAIL SIZEThe rail diameter is 48mm





Trolley bays

Animal enclosures

Play grounds

Any other non-welded fabricated structure.


The Global Clamp style handrail is one of the most versatile handrail systems on the market, and can construct any type of handrail, barrier or balustrade system. With a multitude of clamp types it and can be used for a variety of other applications such trolley bays, animal enclosures, play grounds, and more without the need for welding or fabricating custom structures.

The most common use for these balustrade fittings is to make Though Stanchions, Corner Stanchions, End Stanchions, Staircase Stanchions and then simply feed the handrail pipe, knee-rail pipe through the fittings to create your barrier or balustrade system.

If you get creative these tube fittings, they can be used for any structure you can really think of (within reason) that could be made from tube, the fittings simply join the pipe together to make a simple but strong join without the need of any welding.

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