Structural Mezzanine Floors


We can customize any size mezzanine floor, however Global also have a stock sizes which enables us to deliver an engineered mezzanine system in a very short period of time.

Clear heights: 2400mmH clearance

2582mmH clearance

2945mmH clearance

Overall heights: 2722mmH overall

2904mmH overall

3267mmH overall

Main beam section size: UB310 equivalent H300x150mm
Spans: Spans can vary depending on your requirements and we can customise this easily to suit your needs.
Load capacity: We will design the floor to suit your loading requirements, and can be fully engineered by an Australian certified engineer.
Hand rail: Australian standard ball and stanchion hand rail
Gate system: We offer two gate systems, a sliding gate and an up and over safety gate system
Finish: Columns, main beams, and staircases are finished with a blue powdercoat.

Purlins are made from BlueScope galvanized steel.

Hand rail is made from galvanized steel.


If you store inventory whether it’s books, electronics or car parts, you already know how important it is to fully utilize your storage space. Storage under utilisation is expensive, especially if your business is expanding as it means seeking a new warehouse or undergoing a large construction project to add more space.

Under utilisation can also hurt your business by not allowing you to keep enough inventory on hand. This increases the likelihood that some orders won’t be filled as quickly as possible, which might frustrate your customers and negatively impact your brand. Inventory management issues could ultimately hurt your reputation and damage future sales.

Imagine the possibilities if your business could store 10, 20 or 50 percent more inventory without moving into a bigger warehouse. How much additional inventory could you hold on site? What new products could you stock? How much more money could you save by not needing a new warehouse?

The answers to those questions show the potential of improving your storage systems, as well as the importance of utilizing all of your available warehouse space. That is why storage optimisation is such a crucial but often overlooked element for many businesses.

However, how could you significantly increase the amount of storage space that you have without a bigger warehouse? For many companies, the best way to do this is by fully utilising the vertical space that they have available. If you have ever looked around most warehouses, you might have noticed that there is usually a lot of empty space above their storage shelves and racking systems.

Mezzanine storage systems were designed to solve this problem by taking advantage of the entire height of a space. Mezzanine storage uses decks, handrails, and shelving systems to create a two story storage facility. Some of our clients have seen their storage capacity double by installing a mezzanine solution.

We carry a wide range of products for mezzanine systems, including raised floor frameworks, rails, racks and more. We can design a system that’s completely customised to the specs and layout of your storage area, as well as the unique needs of your business. Our systems can allow easy access to gates and be built high enough so that forklifts can operate underneath the raised storage area.

Benefits of a Mezzanine Storage System

There are many reasons to use a mezzanine solution:

    • It’s a cost effective way to increase storage space. No other solution can double your storage capacity at such a low price.
    • These systems are extremely flexible. It’s easy to configure them to your storage area, as well as transport and reassemble them if you move offices.
    • The design is modular, which makes it easy to build onto a mezzanine system over time as needed.
    • They can be installed quickly and conveniently, so your business can reap the benefits without any impact to your normal business operations.

For more information on mezzanine storage systems, call Global Machinery and Racking Systems today. We offer free, no-obligation price quotes on all our storage system projects.

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