Office Stoage and Shelving

While ‘business’ and ‘organisation’ are often used interchangeably, keeping the office running seamlessly isn’t easy. An efficient workspace is pivotal for productivity, and getting the right storage cabinets for office systems can quickly provide a transformative solution.

Whether you want to create storage in a small office, make room for the paperwork in your warehouse, or are looking for shelving for a professional office, Global Industrial has the right storage solutions that make all the difference. Our storage cabinets are designed with adjustable shelves, lockable doors, and various sizes to suit your needs. They are made from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting use and maintaining a professional look in your office.

So, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts (and shelves) of office storage must-haves — because having your ducks in a row with storage furniture is vital to creating a thriving, happy working environment that can better serve its customers.


Lockable office storage cabinets

Stressed business man in messy office in need of office storage

Cluttered desks and overflowing files create a chaotic environment that hampers focus and efficiency. Storage cabinets provide designated spots for everything, from important documents to office supplies, ensuring that your office remains neat and functional.

The steel shelves of these cabinets and storage lockers all have a lip on the front that makes labelling item locations a breeze, whether you have a label-maker addict in the office or just a roll of masking tape and a Sharpie.

For those looking to digitise their storage, consider a QR-based storage labelling system such as SmartLabels or Totescan® which can help your team locate items by name, description, or keyword from their phone or laptop.

Versatile configurations, such as adjustable shelves, can accommodate various items, from large binders to small stationery. Aesthetic appeal is also crucial; your storage should blend seamlessly with your office decor while maintaining functionality.


Incorporating office storage lockers

office storage lockers open and closed

Storage lockers are not just for schools or gyms; they are a fantastic addition to any office environment. They offer secure storage for personal belongings, reducing office clutter and reducing your liabilities over employees’ personal belongings.

After all, who wants smelly gym bags littering the floor from that team that likes to pump iron before work?

Getting storage lockers for the lunchroom helps give employees confidence that their personal effects are secure against theft or tampering. If you don’t want staff using their mobile phones at the desk, in the warehouse, or out on the shop floor, giving them the option to store their stuff, securely, supports your cause.

Global Industrial lockers have a space for tag-holders to assign specific storage lockers to employees. They can also be used to provide compartmentalised access to IT equipment such as laptops and projectors or just to help prevent covert stationary pilfering.


Cabinets for office security

office storage cabinets for security open and closed
With a spate of high-profile database hacks, one can never be too careful with on-site data storage. A mesh two-door storage cabinet can provide security to smaller servers while allowing airflow to avoid overheating. While most cyber-attacks are delivered digitally, restricting access to network infrastructure (though a physical USB or cable connection) is imperative to keep your data safe.

Mesh cabinets are often used to house spray paint in hardware stores because they provide visibility of the products without access to people without the key. If you have a similar situation of storing objects with a high potential for theft or misuse, consider a mesh two-door cabinet for your office or warehouse.


Flexible RUT Shelving

flexible RUT shelving

Global Industrial’s RUT shelving is a simple steel shelving system consisting of modular bays in single- and double-sided options. Each bay consists of a shell with adjustable shelves, which can hold up to 90kg each, evenly distributed. The entire bay supports a maximum load of 800kg, offering incredible flexibility.

RUT shelving is ideal for storing books, stationary and business files that need easy access — though anything valuable or with private information should be stored in a secure filing cabinet or lockable storage cabinets.


Solutions for organising smaller items

stackable parts bin with labels
If you’re organising lots of small items, consider using stackable parts bins equipped with label paper and clear plastic label protectors. The perfect addition to RUT Shelving, the SO0370 is also a universal fit for our Longspan Shelving.


Choosing the right storage cabinets for your office

Selecting the best storage cabinets for your office involves considering size, material, and style.

Measure your available space to ensure your storage fits perfectly. Choosing a shorter or slimmer option with deeper shelves might provide greater flexibility without overwhelming the room.

Adaptability is key: opt for storage solutions that can evolve with your growing needs.

If you need versatile storage for workshops, factories, garages, or warehouses, the MK2 two-door cabinet is perfect for tools, smaller machinery parts, PPE, or general supplies. And don’t worry about the installation process — our office storage cabinets come either ready-made or with easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary hardware, making it a breeze to set up.

And, when investing in office storage, it’s important to consider longevity. At Global Industrial, we understand the value of your investment. We build our metal lockers, cabinets, and shelves to last in demanding environments. Our storage lockers have even been used in mining camps, standing up to the user-testing of some pretty heavy-handed FIFO workers. With our products, you can be confident that you’re making a long-lasting investment for your office.


Disorganisation is a productivity killer

An efficient workspace starts with intelligent storage solutions. Suitable storage cabinets can transform your office environment from reducing clutter to enhancing security.

As employees push to continue to work from home, creating office environments that entice employees back to the workplace is vital. Creating an organised and professional environment can significantly influence employees’ willingness to return to the office.

Investing in quality office storage is not just a smart move; it’s a game-changer. It boosts productivity, creates a professional and welcoming atmosphere, and sets the stage for success.

Don’t settle for less — explore the diverse range of storage solutions from Global Industrial to find the perfect fit for your office and take your organisation to the next level.