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Disorganisation can not only make you want to pull your hair out, but it can cost you time and money. It’s not until you organise your ute toolbox that you realise how much easier your life can be.

Benefits of an organised toolbox:

  • Stop losing your tools and gear
  • Save time by making everything more accessible
  • Avoid broken items by taking better care of your stuff
  • Optimise your space – you’ll have more room!
  • Improve the look of your vehicle

Keen to get organised? Read our 5 tips for sorting your tools!


5 tips for organising your ute toolbox


1. Do a quarterly storage audit

When was the last time you audited your tools? What about your camping gear? Messy ute boxes are stuffed with unnecessary things. You know, the rusty old screwdriver you can’t quite let go of? We all have an item like this. Before you get organising, take out what you don’t need. Storing tools you hardly use? Store them elsewhere. Camping stuff looking worse for wear? Throw it out. The fewer items you have, the easier it will be to organise.

Quick tips:

  • Assess what you regularly use
  • Store items you hardly use elsewhere
  • Throw out anything broken


2. Review your current ute toolbox set up

What’s your ute toolbox style? Do you throw everything in the back and hope for the best? We hope not! Organisation is all about clever storage. What’s clever storage? It’s storage where everything has a place, so you know where to find it.

It’s also about accessibility. You want to be able to access what you need with ease. Think about how you use your ute box and what features will make it more functional.

Quick tips:

  • Review your current storage style
  • Think about what you need to regularly access
  • Brainstorm what features would make it better


3. Browse the ute toolboxes available

Okay, so now you’ve audited your tools or camping gear, thrown out what you don’t want and reviewed your storage set up, now’s the time to suss out the ute toolboxes out there.

Where do you start? Ute boxes are categorised by size, material and position. You can get a steel tool box or an aluminium tool box. These come in varieties like ute canopy toolboxes, toolboxes with drawers, full open toolboxes, all the way to under tray ute toolboxes.

If you’re storing a mix of small and large items, a ute canopy may be the way to go so you have optimum space. Just need a place for the little bits and bobs? You’ll want a storage option with drawers. Not sure which one to choose? Our blog on choosing the best storage for your trade may help!

Quick tips:

  • Take a look at the ute toolboxes available
  • Decide on the size you want
  • Choose the best features for the job


4. Group and sort

Once you choose your toolbox, you can start organising! What’s the best approach? First, lay all your gear out and group it by type or function, e.g. screwdrivers in one group or rock climbing gear altogether. From there, you can organise by shape or size so you can store easily – big items in big drawers, small items in secure compartments etc. Maximise space by storing small items head to toe (handle to end).

Quick tips:

  • Group by type or function
  • Organise by size and shape
  • Store tools head to toe (handle to end)


5. Get your freak on!

You’re probably feeling as organised as you’ll ever be by now! You’ve culled your gear, reviewed your setup and bought yourself a new ute toolbox to care for your stuff and make your life easier. Now what? Well, you can go a step further and become a neat freak. You can label your tools and compartments so you’re never tempted to get messy again, deck your ute box with lights so your stuff is visible at night, or level up with extra storage like grabbing an underbody toolbox for miscellaneous items such as, tie down straps and rope.

Quick tips:

  • Label toolbox compartments and gear
  • Install lights for better visibility
  • Level up with extra storage

We hope you’re feeling inspired to get your ute organised! Need guidance on which one to choose? Get in touch.