Choosing the best ute toolbox for your ute is essential. It not only keeps your tools safe from thieves and the elements, but a good toolbox is the difference between a bad workday and a good one. And as every tradie knows, only tools don’t organise their tools!

There’s a wide range of solid ute toolboxes on the market with stacks of features to consider, so it’s no surprise you’re overwhelmed trying to look for one. So where do you start? Good question. We recommend deciding on the material first. This decision is easy.

At Global Industrial, we prefer steel toolboxes. Steel is the strongest material out there, and they’re less likely to rust. Toolboxes aren’t cheap, so you want them to last – steel will carry you through.

What else do you need to consider? We give you 3 things to think about when choosing the best toolbox for your trade.


3 things to consider when choosing a ute toolbox for your trade


1. Design

The best ute toolbox often comes down to design. Different models will suit different utes (cab chassis, dual cab, single cab etc.), and of course, personal preferences will come into play. We know every tradie will like their tools organised differently!

What designs can you choose from? There are ute canopy tool boxes, truck boxes and toolboxes with rear drawers. Remember, functionality is key. You want your tools to be easily accessible. There’s nothing worse than losing tools when you’re on the clock, after all.

Canopy ute toolbox

Are you a professional tradie and got a large number of tools and/or machinery? A ute canopy toolbox might be your best bet. You get maximum space and can set up the inside as you see fit.


  • Maximum space (whole tray)
  • Customisable configuration
  • 2-3 door opening

Best suits: Professional tradies with a considerable amount of tools – plumbers, electricians, carpenters, landscapers and repairs people.
Narrow toolboxes
Do you need to store small tools and/or loose parts? Do you need your tray space for larger items? Narrow ute toolboxes like the 8 drawer steel mine box are slimline and take up less space.


  • Sleek design
  • Drawer space
  • Full open doors
  • Easy installation

Best suits: Tradies with small tools and/or parts. Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, landscapers and repair people.

Ute Tool Boxes – Undertray

ute with tapered underbody toolbox

Do you need your tray for larger items? You can opt for an undertray ute toolbox/underbody truck box. These are mounted on the undercarriage of your ute above your wheel. Tapered steel body toolboxes are a nifty little fit and can store the tools you need quick access to or an overflow of items from your tray box.


  • Quick access
  • Drop-down or side door
  • Left or right-hand opening
  • Easy installation

Best suits: Professional tradies who need extra room and 4WD drivers.

Toolboxes with drawers for ute

Do you want a toolbox with drawers for your ute? Global’s range of mineboxes help you organise your tools neatly, as well as any loose items that may get lost.


  • Multiple drawers for storage
  • Compartments to store small items
  • Choice of lock/no lock


2. Size

How big do you go? That’s the question. You want enough storage space for all your tools plus extra room for the future. This will save you from having to upgrade later on. Not sure how much space you need? You can find some great ute toolbox setup ideas online and these might show you how much room you’ll need.

The size of your box will also depend on the size of your ute. Before you start seriously shopping, measure your ute tray and check how much weight it can carry. Toolboxes can be over 200kg (remember your tools will add to the weight too). It’s worth noting anything else you’ll need on your ute bed too. If you have machinery that won’t fit inside a canopy, for example, you’ll need to factor this in.


3. Security

We’ve all heard the horror stories. You know the ones where thousands of dollars worth of tools are stolen out of the ute the day before a huge contract is about to start. It’s a nightmarish scenario. Even if you’re insured, losing your favourite tools is hugely inconvenient. The toolbox is usually the weak link.

So when it comes to choosing the best ute toolbox, security should be of the highest priority. Luckily, reputable ute toolbox brands know this is a concern and design accordingly. What are some features to consider? Make sure your toolbox is lockable. Good quality ute toolboxes will have a stainless T-Handle and lock. Heavy-duty hinges are also a must. Weak hinges can easily be cut and the toolbox can be opened.

You also want to protect your tools from the elements. Steel ute toolboxes are obviously a good start, as they’re less likely to rust. Rubber seals around the opening of a toolbox will keep out any moisture and dirt from getting in and ruining your tools.

When tools are expensive and time is of the essence, investing in a quality toolbox is a worthy investment. It will keep your tools safe and your job a lot easier.


Ready to find the right ute toolbox for you? Take a look at our range of ute toolboxes here.