cantilever racking

With a heavy base, sturdy steel construction and various rack heights, cantilever racking has become a firm favorite for warehouse storage around the globe.  

Anyone who has used cantilever racks in the workplace knows about their ease of use and flexibility to use for most warehouse racking or warehouse space management setups. Got a storage problem? Cantilever racking is up to the task.

Where is Cantilever racking most useful?

Cantilever racking is ideal for long and irregular loads. If you use or supply lengths of wood, PVC or steel, it provides a simple system to maximise space and accessibility. The racking can be installed against a wall, or as a double-sided unit where space allows.

Cantilever storage racks are, not surprisingly, defined by their cantilever-like nature. That being:

Cantilever meaning. Cantilever meaning - 2.

Is cantilever racking right for my storage?

Let’s step aside from the standard usage of these racks in a warehouse for just a moment – as we’re often accustomed to seeing them installed in this environment. Cantilever racking is being harnessed and embraced by other areas outside of the logistics, industrial, construction and warehouse storage.

Cantilever racking also has capabilities as a storage option in sporting facilities,  schools, garages and other environments which require flexible storage solutions. Custom designed cantilever racking, with anti-corrosion treatment (Hot Dipped Galvanized or HDG Cantilever Racking), is regularly used for storing kayaks, canoes and surfcraft.

The adjustable nature of many cantilever racking designs makes them a go-to option for storing long or unwieldy items, such as marquee storage or scaffolding poles.  

Why choose cantilever racking?

What cantilever racking provides is ultimate flexibility in storage, and in industries where art, sculpture, backdrops, rigs – you name it – require a storage option for differing shapes, sizes and functions are all on the go, well cantilever racking is the smart and affordable choice.

What makes cantilever racking the storage option of the industry comes down to their range. Whether it’s light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty racking, each option is built on a similar premise – albeit slightly different functionalities. But what this ultimately provides is strength and choice. Not every storage solution can deliver this scope.

Whether you’re searching for cantilever racking in Brisbane, or cantilever racking in Melbourne, or cantilever racking in Sydney, or cantilever racking in Perth, or, well, cantilever racking just about anywhere in Australia, Global is conveniently placed to help you with all your storage solutions.

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