850H Series – Half Lid Steel Toolbox

$855.60$1,238.57 inc. GST

Global Product Code: N/A

1000mmL x 616mmD x 850mmH (TBP0275)

1280mmL x 616mmD x 850mmH (TBP0280)

1560mmL x 616mmD x 850mmH (TBP0285)

1850mmL x 616mmD x 850mmH (TBP0290)

Door type:
Half  height door sealed with a water resistant rubber seal

64kg (TBP0275)

75kg (TBP0280)

96kg (TBP0285)

103kg (TBP0290)

Locking points

One stainless steel T-handle  for the 1000mmL box

Two stainless steel T-handles for the 1280, 1565, and 1850mm box

Construction: 1.5mm steel plate
Colour: powder coated white
Fork entry: 3 x 50mmx50mm supports to allow forklift access



Global offers a large range of weather-resistant steel boxes constructed from 1.5mm gauge powder coated steel.

These particular toolboxes have a half opening door, so you will not need to drop the sides of your tray to open the box and come with a single full length adjustable shelf for storage of small tools and parts. They also feature stainless steel t-handles, a stainless steel piano hinge and good quality gas struts.

With great quality and utility, these tool chests become a great addition and a must-have for any professional tradie or DIY handyman.
There are four sizes available which are 1000mm, 1280mm, 1565mm & 1850mm long making these boxes perfect to take on any job, sit on the tray of your ute or in your workshop or garage.

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