ute with tapered underbody toolbox

Whether you have your car decked out with a ute toolbox and need a separate compartment for your tools or just after extra storage, underbody toolboxes are a worthy investment.

Why do we love underbody toolboxes? Keep reading to find out why these handy toolboxes will change your life.


6 ways an underbody toolbox will change your life


1. Maximise space with nifty storage

Do your passengers have to shove things off the seat before they sit down? It’s time to get organised and simplify your life. Clean up your cab and tray immediately with designated storage space. We’re not talking about cumbersome storage because, let’s face it, large toolboxes, tubs and even bags take up space you could use for something (or someone) else. These guys fit in front or behind the wheel so that you can keep your seats and tray clutter-free. Do you want to fit the toolbox around your 4WD’s wheels? Tapered underbody toolboxes give plenty of clearance.


2. Play the part

Do you use your vehicle for work? Or want to take your off-road persona more seriously? Then it’s time to store your stuff correctly! “Never judge a book by its cover” is a lovely sentiment, but unfortunately, in this world, your appearance gives people an idea of who you are. If you want to look like you’re a capable tradie or an authority on adventure, you need to get the right gear for your vehicle. Always on the road? People see your car every day. Investing in a proper toolbox will be an instant boost to your reputation.


3. Store everyday essentials with ease

We’ve all driven 20 km down the road and realised we’ve left something behind. There’s nothing worse! Whether you’re a keen camper or a tradie with a lousy memory, underbody toolboxes prevent the dreaded U-turn. Instead of storing essentials all over the place or lugging them from the house to the car, give them a loving home that goes wherever you go. You’ll never have to go without again! Plus, you’ll reduce the chance of misplacing expensive gear, a cost none of us need.


Customer Aluminium Toolbox


4.Easily hide your underbody toolbox from thieves

It might seem like thieves will nab anything from everyone, but they’re more discerning than you think. It’s all about opportunity. If your prized possessions are out of sight, thieves will likely not bother. Where an underbody toolbox beats half-open toolboxes and ute canopy toolboxes is that they’re less noticeable. Tapered underbody toolboxes are sneakily tucked behind the wheel, so when thieves are scanning for a quick win, they’ll walk past your car and target the next.
Hot tip – Installing a black underbody toolbox, helps disguise the toolbox by blending into the surrounding underneath tray and road.


5. Secure your gear

What if one of those cheeky opportunists does see your underbody ute toolbox? Will they be able to break in? It’s unlikely. The stronger your toolbox, the better. And our Paramount steel undertray toolboxes are made of 1.5mm thick steel. We also stock an aluminium toolbox constructed from 2mm gauge aluminium with a mill finish, stainless steel t-handle and lock. It would be a big effort to pry these bad boys open! A robust toolbox is a secure home for your most prized possessions.


6. Protect your stuff from the weather

When you invest in high-quality gear, you want it to last. But if you’re exposing your tools to the weather or it’s collecting dust in the back seat, you’ll need to replace it sooner. Tools are vulnerable to rust and dust. Paramount toolboxes have an airtight rubber seal, protecting them from the elements. Keep your tools safe from anything that threatens their strength with a robust toolbox with all the protection you need.

Get organised and protect your gear. Enjoy all the benefits of an underbody toolbox.