Longpspan mesh decks

Shelving systems are integral to every business. From retail to industrial warehouses, good shelving keeps products neatly displayed and organised, which is good for the consumer and good for business. The problem is deciding which one is good for you, so here’s a guide to help:

Global Gondola Shelving

For displaying products in retail or storing in warehouses

We recommend gondola shelving for retail, like grocery stores, supermarkets, chemists, hardware and discount stores. Although, businesses use them for warehouse storage, too. The fixtures are freestanding, so you can easily move it. The unit can also be fitted with a number of accessories so the shelving can be customised depending on the product.

Global Longspan Shelving

For a versatile storage solution for residential and commercial purposes

As the name suggests, longspan shelving refers to units of considerable length. The ample space makes the shelving great for storing products that range in size and quantity. It’s consequently an ideal storage solution for both residential and commercial purposes—from small store rooms to home workshops to warehouses. Longspan also have the option of a number of shelve types, like chipboard and mesh deck, which is good for general use, and steel galvanised deck, which is great for storing groceries or other food so spillages can be easily wiped clean.

Global Rolled Upright (RUT) Shelving

For a large range of products or files that need to be efficiently categorised

RUT shelving is like having a bookshelf for your warehouse, or any other storage space. The modular bays make it easy to file and categorise products—fitting for industrial warehouses, libraries, retail outlets and offices—as well as handle ample weight. The shelving can also be easily extended if more storage is needed.

Global Light Duty Rivet Shelving

For coolrooms and workshops

Global Galvanised Rivet Shelving are easily installed and commonly used for coolrooms, storerooms and workshops. The shelve types are available in chipboard, which is recommended for general use, and galvanised steel, which is great for storing food in coolrooms. The shelves are easily assembled, making it a practical solution for residential and commercial purposes. Global Rivet Shelving also have adjustable feet, so the shelves can be levelled if the floor’s uneven.
Need further shelving information?

Global Industrials offer customised shelves to fit the needs of businesses and homes of all shapes and sizes around Australia. If you’d like further information on how we can help you, please contact us.