Pallet Racking for mining parts supplier

If you’re like us, the below pallet racking collapse video will set your mouth agape and put a knot in your stomach.  It’s not just the Game of Thrones-esque soundtrack. Thankfully no one was seriously injured in this case, but people’s lives are put at risk when training and planning aren’t given the requisite attention.

Intelligent pallet rack planning helps stop these warehouse disaster movies. While forklift training matters, the correct pallet racking installation could prevent thousands of dollars worth of stock from crashing down like so many dominoes.

Warehouse designing is also an ideal time for assessing your workflow. We’ll customise your pallet racking around how your operation will run; i.e., having items accessed frequently in the most convenient racking location.

First, we start with the design of the warehouse. At this stage we’re making a note of entry points, width, length and height, Global Industrial will be able to maximise the available space for storage using pallet racking.

Other considerations when planning your pallet racking:

Requirements for dedicated walkways

Position of warehouse columns

Position of any services (Fire, Electric etc.)

Roller doors, fire doors or any traffic access.

What are you storing?

Then we’ll look at what’s being stored. The weight, width and height of your loaded pallets will determine the number of levels we’ll be able to install.

While getting the most out of your storage space is a key objective, we need to provide a minimum aisle width to provide forklift access. We also need to take into account pallet overhang, which is common in many pallet racking designs, designing pallet racking with mesh decks may be an exception to this.

Which forklift for your pallet racking?

Aisle space will also be determined by the style of fork truck you’ll be using in the warehouse, which is again determined by the stock you are storing. Heavier loads may mean you’ll have to allow for the head length and load length of a counterbalanced sit-down forklift. Lighter loads may allow for a narrow-aisle picker. Or in cases where individual item picking is required, a turret truck.

What about pallet racking protection?

Because corner columns and end frames are the most vulnerable areas, adding protection to these is an inexpensive and easy way to protect your racks. All of the various types (bolted button-on, steel, floor-anchored, poly snap-on) can work.

Additional safety options

In areas where pedestrians and forklifts share space, it’s a good idea to install safety mesh to prevent any falling items from the upper levels. You may also consider mirrors, additional lighting and collision detection sensors.

To discuss options for new and second-hand pallet racking and installation, contact Global Industrial today.