Second Hand Pallet Racking



Dexion, Colby, APC, Schaefer and Spacerack pallet racking are some commonly used pallet racking brands you may see on the market.

We have a range of second-hand and new pallet racking to suit anyone’s budget.

Get in touch with us today to see whats available.


Global Industrial offers second hand (used) pallet racking as an alternative to new.

Some of the commonly used pallet racking brands you may see on the market include;  Dexion, Colby, APC, Schaefer or Spacerack pallet racking.

The most common frame depths are 838/840mm to suit a standard Australian Chep pallet, as well as 1219mmD.

The frame heights will range from 1829mm high all the way through to 6096mmH (or taller) in increments of 609mm. The most common beams are the 2591mmL and 2743mmL beams, ranging in various capacities.

We’re able to cater for anyone’s needs and budget.

Availability various throughout the year and each of our warehouses hold different stock levels.

Please ask in store or send us an enquiry for current availability in second hand pallet racking.

If we’re unable to provide you with second hand pallet racking at the time of your enquiry, we’re always happy to assist you with our full range of new APEX selective pallet racking and racking accessories


Pallet Racking buy-back options


If you’re looking to sell your existing racking, we’d like to know about it.

Global is interested in non-damaged good quality used pallet racking.

We can also assist with dismantling of your existing racking, whether you’re upgrading to new or relocating.

Please call 1300 762 686 or email your nearest warehouse to discuss.

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