PVC 3 Rail Horse Fencing

Available from Perth & Melbourne only

Shipping available Australia-wide. Contact our Perth or Melbourne branches for more information.

Installed Height:1200mmH
Post Cap:Caps are included with every post
Post Centers:2400mm
Post dimensions:1800x127x127mm
Rail dimensions:4775x140x38mm
Distance between rails:
Optional gates:1200mm



NOTE – Gates can be configured into a double gate to increase the opening.


Maintenance FreeYesNo
Graffiti resistantYesNo
Termite FreeYesNo
Fungus & dry rot freeYesNo
Free of harmful chemicals like Arsenic, Lead & CreosoteYesNo
Painting neededNoYes
Colour stableYesNo


Global PVC fencing is the ultimate fencing for the livestock and animal farming industries. It is an excellent alternative to wood, steel or wire, providing strength and durability to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

This fencing is easy to erect and requires little maintenance.

PVC is a revolutionary building material that is predominant in the construction industry due to its flexibility and lightweight properties. Global PVC fencing is more cost effective and durable compared to wood fencing. Its construction allows it to easily absorb high impacts while retaining its original shape.

It will never need painting, is rot and termite resistant and is much easier to clean than traditional fencing. This allows you to save valuable time and money. PVC fencing also has a higher tensile strength and is four times the flexibility of timber.

The rails are reinforced with internal ribs, which make the fence strong enough to support an adult’s weight (for example climbing on or over the fence). A horse leaning on the fence with not break the rails as they are designed to flex and return to their original position. The specially designed notched system allows the rails to pop out of the post under severe impact.

This prevents them from breaking and can easily be put back into place. On the rare occasion that breakage does occur from severe direct impact, rails can be individually replaced as necessary.

And given all these features, there is a clear reason why many choose to have PVC fencing installed over traditional wooden fences. Global PVC fencing is much safer for animals and people alike, as it has a smooth surface with no nails, sharp edges or splinters, and no nasty wires to get caught or tangled in.

Animals are less likely to suck or chew on a Global PVC fence as it has a tough surface, retains virtually no moisture and has no taste. For example, horses which develop wind sucking disorder typically chew on timber fences, because it offers them taste and texture. Global PVC fencing has neither taste nor texture so it can help to prevent animals from chewing on them right from the start.

If you are in the business of breeding quality horses, cattle or even alpacas for sale, then the clean, uniform lines of Global PVC fencing throughout your property will leave visitors with a lasting impression, speaking volumes for the standard of your business.

At Global Machinery we are committed to provide exceptional products at competitive prices. Contact us today for more details about our PVC fencing and to have one built for you.

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