Gravity Rollers

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Bed Lengths: 1500mmL and 3000mmL
Roller widths: 400mm roller = 470mm external

600mm roller = 670mm external

Finish: Powder coated blue frame

Zinc plated rollers

Roller Pitch: 75-300mm pitch available
Loading capacity: 50kg/roller for 400mm Wide

40kg/roller for 600mm Wide

Maximum load limits for the beds are as follows:

  • 400kg/bed with 2 supports
  • 1000kg/bed with 3 supports
Adjustable Stands: 850mm to 1000mm
Other options: Corners, and gates are avaliable, as well as custom roller pitch. Please click here to inquire


The Global gravity rollers are an economical way to easily move goods from one point to another point of a work operational and packing, and manufacturing lines. Sections are easily added or removed from/to a conveyor system to accomodate the needs of a particular workplace and individual rollers are easily replaced if damage were to occur or if you wanted to change the pitch of the roller system itself.

Available in 400mmD rollers and 600mmD rollers, the rollers are very smooth and reliable. The beds are adjustable in height and are able to be angled to create a slop or decline/incline which make them a superior choice to accommodating most workflow needs.

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