Drive-in Racking


Global Drive-in racking is a high density storage solution using the first in – last out principle.

Designed for customers who have a low number of high volume – high turnover lines where time and volume is of the essence.

This storage solution allows much higher pallet densities than selective pallet racking, and can be customised to suit your application

Global pallet racking has been tested to AS 4084-2012, and our drive in system is also designed according to FEM 10.2.07

Ask in store today regarding this custom solution.

Some additional information that may assist you in planing your layout, is the following:

Standard distance between frames = 1350mm

Standard distance between rails = 1050mm

Standard rail size is a S-75mm Rail

required clearances between the top of the pallet and the next level as a rule of thumb would be 100mm. This may vary however depending on the height from the ground of the levels, but we will ensure that the Drive-in system complies with the FEM code.

Floor rail is provided as a standard, unless requested otherwise

400mmH Column guards/Pallet Deflectors are supplied at the font of each frame set.


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