Plate compactors

Looking for the right plate compactor for your worksite? We stock a range of industrial plate compactors to suit all materials and conditions.

Whether it’s soil, sand, gravel, driveways or brick paving, our plate compactors ensure ultimate maneuverability, durability and control, ensuring your project, be it landscaping or large DIY job, is completed with maximum efficiency and to the highest safety standards.

Extremely versatile and able to operate under all Australian conditions, and over all flooring grades, Global compactors are the reliable choice for every Australian worksite.

Featuring industry-leading Loncin petrol motors, our 65kg Plate Compactor with Loncin motor and 87kg Plate Compactor with Loncin motor. Check our range of high-quality plate compactors for sale.

Regardless of the Global plate compactor of choice, you’ll discover ultimate compaction power engineered into a highly efficient, compact and easy-to-use machine.

Are you unsure about which plate compactor is most suitable to you?

Call our Perth office today on (08) 9258 7166 or email us at, and the team will be happy to assist you in choosing the best industrial compactor for your needs.