longspan shelving

Designed to utilise vertical space with various length and height options, longspan shelving is a popular choice for those looking for industrial-grade storage. It suits a range of commercial and residential spaces from workshops to storage warehouses, home garages to shipping containers, and manufacturing facilities. 

Unlike traditional pre-built shelving units, it allows for greater flexibility, with various lengths, widths and heights to suit just about any floorplan or warehouse layout. Most longspan shelving uprights and cross-beams are made from steel, ensuring durability and longevity. Shelf materials are available as  chipboard, metal or mesh decks. 


Maximising Vertical Space

Longspan shelving makes use of otherwise unused vertical space with heights ranging from 2 to 4 metres to increase storage capacity. If your warehouse has sky-high ceilings, we also offer pallet racking and mezzanines to make the most of your warehouse space.


Customising Shelving Units

Longspan shelving can be customised to suit different needs with various configurations and shelf materials. It offers access from both sides, making it suitable for placing against a wall or to create aisles in your space. Whether it be in a huge warehouse or home garage it provides more accessibility to your floor plan yet keeps everything properly organised. 


Labelling and Organisation

A great way to improve efficiency and accessibility with longspan shelving is to get organised. Having the right storage bins keeps everything neat and tidy and labelling can also help locate items quickly; see our range of stackable parts bins, 52 litre crates or parts trays to get you started!


Robust Strength

The core structure is made of steel, designed to support numerous items from cartons to heavy and bulky items that are tricky to store on regular wooden or rolled aluminium shelves. Longspan shelving safely accommodates equipment, engine parts, supplies and products requiring extra support ideal for warehouses, workshops, storage rooms and garage spaces. Depending on your shelf length and type, each one can hold as much as 450kg — check the guide below to see weight limits across the range.

Loading chart



Longspan shelving is versatile and maximises storage efficiency for a wide range of storage setups. It is ideal for warehouse storage as it reaches untapped vertical space and provides greater product visibility.

Likewise, residential garage spaces continuously require more efficient storage options. With longspan shelving, you can customise the length and width to suit your garage floor plan. This not only optimises space but allows for the ultimate organisation of your home.

By investing in the right shelving, you can significantly enhance storage capacity and streamline operations at your warehouse or free up space in your home. With its superior ability to utilise vertical space, customised design options, organisational capabilities and robust strength, longspan shelving is a practical and cost-effective choice. 


Browse our range of longspan shelving, or contact a Global representative to find out how you can transform your workplace or home into a well organised highly efficient space.