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But how do you achieve efficiency? Day-to-day logistics may be bogging you down, making you unable to fathom change, but improving efficiency with vertical storage racking can be achieved with a few simple tweaks.

We find it helps to break improvements into three areas. Warehouse efficiency boils down to:

  • Organising inventory
  • Increasing accessibility
  • Refining processes

“That’s a tall order”, you say. Wait, hear us out! You can improve efficiency by investing in quality storage systems customised to your inventory. For example, if you store long products like timber trims or aluminium, you can quickly improve efficiency by investing in vertical racking.

How vertical racking improves warehouse efficiency


1. Organises inventory

Many studies have shown that disorganised workplaces can profoundly affect productivity. Chaotic spaces lead to lost inventory, disrupted workflows and ineffective employees. A stack of steel dumped on the floor? Not only does the mess look ugly, but managing inventory will be difficult, and the mess will affect employee mindset.

Storing inventory vertically, especially long items like timber, will maximise warehouse space and create order in the warehouse. It’s not about the square footage of your warehouse floor but how you utilise the space you have. Vertical racking system works perfectly along the wall, whereas double-sided racking suits open warehouse spaces.

In a nutshell:

  • Better storage means increased productivity
  • Vertical racking systems maximise space
  • Proper industrial shelving improves inventory management


2. Increases accessibility

Efficiency has a lot to do with accessibility – how quickly you can find inventory and how easy it is to remove from the warehouse and transport it. If inventory is hidden or inaccessible, you’re inefficient right off the bat.

Disorganised storage makes managing inventory difficult, too. How will you know how many items you have and how many to order if they’re not visible? Plus, you’re more likely to misplace inventory and your employees will waste time trying to find them.

Vertical storage racking stores long items upright in an equally spaced configuration so the same item can be easily located and removed – increasing accessibility and boosting efficiency.

In a nutshell:

  • Vertical racking makes inventory easier to locate and move
  • Warehouse racking reduces the likelihood of losing items
  • Improved accessibility will boost warehouse efficiency


3. Improves workflow

How do your employees move through space? What are the forklift paths? Efficiency has a lot to do with workflow. If there are obstructions, for example, your staff will have to deviate from their path during pickup and retrieval, wasting valuable business time.

How can you improve workflow? Make it seamless with the proper industrial storage. Vertical racking improves your workflow immediately. Inventory is lifted off the floor, enhancing flow and movement. And making inventory more accessible means employees can move faster around the warehouse.

Vertical storage racking allows you to store inventory along the walls with single-sided shelving or choose a double-sided configuration to maximise aisle space. There are also several heights and depths to suit your desired workflow. Here is a great example.


Other benefits of a vertical racking systems


  • Stores long items, such as electrical supplies, PVC conduit and steel
  • Warehouse racking compliant
  • Available in any height up to 6096mmH
  • 8 length and 3 depth options
  • Single and/or double-sided configuration
  • Option to extend from standard pallet racking
  • Front beam prevents products from falling forward

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