Ute Canopy Shaggy's truck

You know what they say, your business is only as good as your ute toolbox… Well, this is what we say, anyway. Why? Because your toolbox is not only where you store the tools that make your jobs possible, but because your toolbox says a lot about who you are as a tradie!

An organised tradie is a more efficient tradie, and the better you look on the road, the better it is for business. So what toolbox gives off the best impression?

Every job will call for a different toolbox, just like every tradie will store their tools differently. But one thing is for sure, if you’re serious about your business, ute canopies are the way to go!

Ute canopies suit professional tradies like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, landscapers and repair people. If you store a considerable amount of tools, these toolboxes give you the most space. They can also be customised for your trade.

Are you ‘umming and ahhing’ over what ute toolbox to get? We give you the lowdown on why canopies are better for business and the best ute canopies for the job.


Why Ute Canopies Are Better for Business


Better looking, better for branding

It’s not all about looks, but we can all agree there’s something about a ute decked out with a ute canopy that says, “I’m legit!” Rather than a jumble of different-sized toolboxes, ute canopies neatly cover the tray, giving your vehicle a streamlined look. They also market your business better! Custom branding on a ute canopy stands out, advertising your business better than just having signage on the ute cab.

Storage capacity 

Leveled up as a tradie and want to fit all your valuable assets in one toolbox? A ute canopy is your answer. Not only is a canopy bigger in size, but the extra room allows for customisation – drawers, shelves and compartments – all the functionality you need to run an efficient and annoyance-free business.                                                                                                                                                                                            

Easy access and organisation 

There’s nothing worse than rummaging around for that one tool you need for a job. Lost tools are a massive timewaster. An organised toolbox is key to a job well done, and this is what we love about ute canopies. All your essentials are under one “roof”. Plus, these toolboxes have a fully opening door on each end, so tools are easy to access, which means you’ll boost efficiency and finish your jobs faster. 

Security and protection 

When you spend hundreds, no thousands of dollars on tools, you would rather not lose them to thieves or weather damage, right? Steel ute canopies are like a secure house for all your work items, shielding them from weather, securing them from sliding around the back of your ute, and keeping them safe from thieves who know that tools are valuable.


Best ute canopies


So you’ve finally decided to invest in a ute toolbox. There are countless ute canopies out there, and you don’t know which toolbox to choose. As Australia’s leader in ute toolboxes and storage, 

Paramount toolboxes are 1.5mm powder-coated steel with stainless steel T-handles on both sides and rubber seals on doors.. 

Ready to invest in a ute canopy and improve your business? Check out our ute canopy toolboxes here.