Are you in the industrial storage business? Looking for the best system to recommend to your customers? As a supplier of warehouse shelving, you need to know the advantages of warehouse racking so you can recommend the right storage solution.

This blog talks about selective pallet racking, the most popular type of pallet racking. Why is it the most popular? It’s more efficient and cost-effective than other options. We will dive into its other advantages below. But first, we’ll cover the basics. 

So what is selective pallet racking? It’s called “selective” pallet racking because you can access pallets without moving others. This type of warehouse racking stores heavy pallets vertically at a depth of one pallet. 

You will often see selective pallet racking in low-density distribution centres, manufacturing facilities and retail storage warehouses that store various items. 

A basic selective pallet racking set-up has upright frames (vertical columns joined by bracing) that run from the floor to the top of the racking system with holes to adjust the shelf levels and cross beams that fit into the upright frames to create a shelf. Selective racking is either single sided for access from the front only or back-to-back (two single sided runs joined together with a row spacer) for access on both sides. In most cases they are accessed independently, unlike double deep where it’s a similar set up but only accessed from the front.. . A popular racking accessory is a mesh deck, which can take up to 1000kgs each when purchasing through Global Industrial. These are commonly used when you have smaller pallets that don’t fit perfectly onto the cross beams . 

Here, we give you 6 advantages of selective pallet racking.  


6 advantages of selective pallet racking


  1. Easy access

If you could only communicate one key advantage of selective racking, it would be accessibility. One pallet density means warehouse employees don’t have to move pallets to access others. This is important for businesses that store a variety of items and have a high turnover, and need to be able to retrieve items easily. 

  1. Ability to utilise the First In, First Out (FIFO) method 

What do we love about selective pallet racking? Warehouse managers can implement the First in, First Out (FIFO) method. FIFO means the first inventory that arrives in the warehouse is the first to go, which is ideal for perishables. This method is easy to implement with selective racking because of its direct access. 

  1. Forklift and machinery accessibility 

Vertical storage systems allow wide aisles, giving forklifts and other machinery easy access to storage and plenty of room to move around. Your customer won’t have to worry about getting specialised forklifts or customising storage to fit machinery, which can be costly. 

  1. Low upfront cost 

Selective pallet racking is a cost-effective option for low-density storage because the parts are cheaper than other storage solutions and the installation is relatively straightforward. But for high-density storage, this racking system may not be suitable. Keep in mind that storage costs depend on your customer’s unique storage requirements. 

  1. Optimises warehouse 

The bane of every warehouse manager’s existence? Running out of space. Maximising storage space is a priority. We should know – we’ve helped managers solve storage problems for over 40 years! Pallet racking saves a considerable amount of space by storing units vertically. 

  1. Easily customisable

Another complaint many warehouse managers have is having to fork out money to upgrade their racking system when their business evolves. Selective pallet racking has adjustable shelves so your customers can change the height and width of the racking to suit their storage. 


Selective pallet racking recommendations 

Now you know the advantages of selective pallet racking, you may be wondering what brand to choose? At Global, we sell APEX pallet racking because it is the best pallet racking in Australia. We only sell the best! Why do we love APEX?

APEX is:

  • Designed and engineered in Australia
  • Strong and durable
  • Easily customisable for different load weights and heights
  • Posts and frames are pre-galvanised finished
  • Complies with the Australian Standards – AS 4084-2012
  • Options for outdoor applications

Want to recommend the most durable warehouse racking in the business? Choose APEX Pallet Racking or get in touch with Global today