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Cantilever shelving is a versatile racking system we sell to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth businesses.

What is cantilever racking exactly? It’s a type of warehouse racking with arms instead of shelves that support long, heavy items horizontally, including pipes, planks and rods. 

There are different types of cantilever racking systems with various materials, sizes and arm configurations to choose from. 


What is cantilever racking used for?

Cantilever racking systems are popular in industrial and construction warehouses that need to store a large amount of building equipment off the ground. Cantilever racking makes these awkward items easily accessible. 

There are three different types of cantilever racking: 

Light-duty cantilever racking

If you or your customers are storing lighter materials and mostly loading them by hand, light-duty cantilever racking might be a better option. The arms are designed to hold between 260kg to 450kg, depending on the length of the arm. Light-duty racks suit sheet metal, carpet and other construction materials.

Medium-duty cantilever racking

Medium-duty cantilever racking is ideal for storing light to medium woods such as plywood, chipboard and timber, and different types of tubing. These structures have a solid base to counter-balance weight and secure bracing with arm capacity of up to 1000 kg UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) and column capacity between 3,500 kg to 4,948 kg UDL.

Heavy-duty cantilever racking

Heavy-duty cantilever racking is designed for materials like metal and wood that can’t be moved by hand and require equipment e.g. forklifts. With a 350mm base and upright, the column capacity can take 4,800 kg to 7,800 kg. If you need to utilise more than five levels of storage or most of the arm capacity, heavy-duty is the way to go. 


Benefits of cantilever racking systems


Flexible and easily customisable

The big selling point of cantilever racking is versatility. It stores different shapes and sizes and is available in light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty varieties. It’s also highly adaptable. The height, arm length and loading capacity can all be altered. 

Maximises space in warehouses and workshops

If your customers work with long, awkward items, they need a space other than the floor to store them. Cantilever racking systems maximise space by storing pipes, wood, beams and rods off the floor.

Available in different materials for outside/indoor locations

Cantilever racking is available in blue and orange powder-coated finishes for indoor storage or the hot-dipped galvanised finish for outdoor locations. The HDG finish is ideal for outdoor warehouse yards and construction sites, as it reliably holds up against water and prevents rust. 

Strong, safe, secure

Cantilever racks need to be strong, supportive and compliant with the FEM 10.2.09. FEM is the code that specifies the structural design requirements for cantilever racking. Our storage systems are all certified for Australian workplaces.

We also believe all racking should be wind tested. We put our racking through a detailed wind loading calculator so we can accurately provide maximum arm and column capacities based on the wind and/or earthquake level of your region.


Cantilever racking – Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane 

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