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Some of the most annoying problems are actually easy to fix. We just put off finding a solution. When we finally solve the problem, we wonder why we waited so long! 

We find this to be the case with industrial storage. Warehouses and workshops will feel frustrated with inefficient operations only to realise storage was the answer to their problem. 

What do you think of your storage systems? Do you think they can be improved? We explore common storage problems and outline easy solutions for you here. 


Common industrial storage problems and how to solve them


Chaotic work environment

We’ve visited many industrial businesses in our time. And one thing we’ve noticed is that even if their warehouse is organised with the best industrial storage racking, their offices are a mess!

Papers are stacked in the corner, folders are collecting dust, and the only storage space is the floor or the desk! So it’s no surprise everyone in the office feels flustered – they can’t find anything! 

Good business means meticulous organisation – everywhere. Even the office. It’s amazing how a clear space gives you clarity of mind. 

Decking your office out with industrial storage lockers will give you a space to store stationery, files, records and anything else without a home. Proper storage will do wonders for your team’s sanity and make your office more productive.


Lack of space

Inventory increasing but can’t find space? Before you contemplate a move to a bigger warehouse, take a look at your industrial storage. Is it working for you? You’d be amazed at how much more you can fit into your warehouse or workshop when you invest in quality shelving. And it doesn’t have to be a massive investment either.

Have you thought about long-span shelving? This industrial storage shelving unit is great because it comes in various heights and widths, and can be easily squeezed into tight places. It holds heavy items too. 


So if you’re lacking space, the first thing to do is reconsider your storage.


Small items with no home

We all have those pesky items that have no home. We know where the big stuff lives, but the small stuff gets lost in the mix. So where do you put the small stuff? Luckily, there’s an industrial storage solution for these awkward items. Our Wire Cages allow you to store small items that are usually difficult to palletise like spheres and cylinders. Got other items you need to store? Take a look at our industrial storage supplies for more solutions.


Misplaced inventory

It goes without saying, you don’t want your staff wasting time on silly things. One of the most common wastes of time is looking for lost items. We’ve all been there! You need a tool, part, or product but you can’t find it. 

How do you solve this problem? Making everything visible. The right industrial storage racks will provide easy access and high visibility. 

Upright shelving is a great option for visible storage. It suits archive storage, as well as storage in mechanical workshops and warehouses.


Inaccurate recording of inventory levels

How accurate is your recording? Inaccurate recording affects your supply chain. You’ll order items you don’t need or sell items you don’t have. This is not good business. Inaccurate recording can happen for a variety of reasons. One of them is human error. Your staff can miss items during a stocktake because of poor storage units.

Your industrial storage system has a big part to play in inventory accuracy. If your shelving is organised, visible and accessible, your staff are more likely to be accurate. 


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