pallet racking faqs

Pallet racking and forklifts go hand in hand, and with forklifts, there an unavoidably accidents. Whether it is just clipping the edge or corner of the aisle with the forklift, or a full head on collision, forklifts will cause damage to your equipment if you’re not careful. Operator training can only go so far, even the most experienced and well-trained operators can still collide with racking. This can cause businesses thousands of dollars in lost or damaged stock, not including injury to other staff and clean-up costs.

Therefore, at Global Industrial we recommend PROTECTING YOUR RACKING, it is a small expense that can save you thousands in the event of an accident.

No matter the business, product storage is the essence of any business and needs to be protected. There are many products available whether it is new or existing racking, our experienced sales team will recommend the best products to suit, simply contact 1300762686,