Where can I buy second-hand pallet racking?

Moving warehouse can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise. If you are relocating and want to save money, why not consider relocating with your existing racking system in tow and re-installing it at your new premises?

Racking relocation options

There are a few options when it comes to the relocation of racking and storage systems. Depending on your needs, warehouse space and budget, you can:

  1. Dismantle, relocate and re-build at new premises

If your existing racking system is still in good condition, you can have it dismantled at your old warehouse, moved to your new premises and reinstalled. This ensures minimal disruption to your business operations and ensures that the move is done following the required safety procedures.

  1. Sell old racking and buy new racking system to be installed at new premises

Alternatively, if new racking is required, you can sell your existing racking to a reputable second-hand supplier and have a newly customised racking system installed for you in the new warehouse. This allows for a solution to be custom-fit for the premises, whilst avoiding any downtime as the new racking can be installed before you leave your old warehouse.

Get help relocating your racking system with Global Industrial

If you want to ensure a seamless warehouse relocation, with no interruption to your business, then let Global Industrial re-install (or install) your racking system at your premises. We can build with minimal disruption and leave you to get your new space organised and ready for business!

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