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Warehouse storage and racking solutions, such as pallet racking, can help optimise how space is used in a warehouse.The purchase of these products, however, requires investment, and although worthwhile in the long run, not all business can afford to buy brand new. We also find that many businesses find they no longer need their existing storage solutions and are looking to dispose of it. That’s why we procure second-hand pallet racking to reduce wasting equipment that’s still in good shape, and in turn, reduce the cost for businesses to purchase pallet racking.


What is second-hand pallet racking?

Second-hand pallet racking, as the name suggests, are pallet racking systems that have been used previously and are now being resold for another business to use. 

When the time comes to choose a pallet racking system – new or second-hand – it’s important to consider the pros and cons. 


What are the pros of using second-hand pallet racking?


Lower cost upfront

Lower upfront costs are often the primary reason businesses look at purchasing second-hand. Naturally, second-hand pallet racking is available at a lower cost than new pallet racking, allowing you to save money for other uses within the business.


Reduced waste

We witness a lot of waste in our day to day lives, both personally and professionally. So if there’s an option to reduce your waste by purchasing second-hand, it’s a no-brainer. The re-use of pallet racking reduces the need for new pallet racking to be manufactured and extends the shelf life (pardon the pun) of the pallet racking in question. What’s more, if you are a business with goals to become more sustainable, purchasing second hand should be second nature. 


Temporary storage solution

If you only have a short lease on your warehouse or need storage solutions for a short-term contract, then second-hand pallet racking offers the perfect temporary storage solution. Avoid having to invest a substantial amount of money on new pallet racking when it’s only required for a brief time.


Large selection of used pallet racking

The resale of pallet racking has become a popular way for businesses to get rid of equipment they no longer need, whilst making a profit in the process. It‘s for this reason, that second-hand pallet racking suppliers often hold a wide selection of sizes, making it easy to find the right fit for your warehouse.


Are there any cons to using second-hand pallet racking?


Safety concerns

Second-hand pallet racking can carry some safety risks if purchased from the wrong supplier. For instance, if the racking system has been overloaded or used incorrectly by the previous owner, the structural integrity of the beams and frames can be heavily compromised. This can result in the overestimation of load capacity. If the racking does happen to be overloaded, you risk having it collapse, causing harm to your employees and the items being stored. This highlights the importance of only procuring racking from a reputable supplier.


No longer covered by manufacturers’ warranty

New pallet racking comes with a manufacturers’ warranty. However, when purchasing second-hand, the warranty is likely to have expired. So it is important to note that if anything were to happen to the used racking system, it may not be covered by the original manufacturers’ warranty. 


Not built to your exact specifications

New pallet racking can be designed and manufactured to a specific size to suit your warehouse and the products you are storing. While when purchasing second-hand, it’s not guaranteed you will be able to find pallet racking to your exact specifications. 


Second-hand pallet racking: the verdict

Although there are some limitations to buying second-hand if you find a reputable supplier it’s a safe bet that your racking system will last for years to come, with no issues. 

As Australia’s leading supplier, Global Industrial has strict tests and checks in place to ensure any pallet racking for resale is up to code according to Australian Standards (AS 4084-2012 for steel racking). We also don’t buy second-hand pallet racking unless we know the history and offer a warranty for our customers’ peace of mind when purchasing second hand. 


Where can I buy second-hand pallet racking?

If you are in the market for some second-hand pallet racking, look no further than Global Industrial. We offer a large range of second-hand pallet racking that have been thoroughly tested before resale to ensure the structural integrity of the frames and beams is still intact. Alternatively, if you would prefer to purchase new pallet racking, we also stock an extensive range of racking solutions that can be customised to your exact specifications. Get in touch today to discuss your next storage solution with our team, located in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.