Traditional Queenslander Home

With Summer fast approaching, it’s once again time to dust the cobwebs off the gardening tools and start tidying up that garden – it’s the classic Australian summer tradition. And what’s an Australian garden without a picket fence?

PVC picket fences and PVC picket fence panels are the smartest and most durable picket fences on the market. And as much as we like the old wooden fence panels – who didn’t grow up with them lining our suburban streets – we know they tend to erode quickly in the harsh Australian conditions, and end up looking worn, paint-chipped, and often, harbourers of termites and rot.

Plastic picket fence panels are the perfect fences for Australian gardens as they are designed to withstand the varying conditions – whilst also maintaining that traditional Australian cottage-style fence post look. Plastic fence panels are low maintenance, low cost, free of harmful chemicals and paints, and long-lasting, meaning you can now spend more time on the garden, and less time worrying about the reliability and appearance of your fence.

PVC picket fencing is both the safest and most secure fencing option for households with children and animals. The plastic construction and lack of nails or joins means any contact with the fence results in minimal injury and damage.

Global Industrial PVC Picket Fencing Selection

At Global Industrial, we stock a range of the finest quality PVC picket fencing on the market. Available in both Gothic Scalloped (to give that Colonial effect) or New English Flat (simple clean modern lines to suit any home), these fences are strengthened with added aluminium inserts on the railing. This not only adds structural integrity to your PVC picket fence, it also ensures pickets aren’t vandalised or damaged.

Both varieties are easy to install and include vehicle and pedestrian gate options for ease of access.

PVC picket fences aren’t just for the home garden either. PVC fencing is fast becoming the go-to fencing option for farmers and rural commercial businesses. As plastic fence panels are a more reliable and durable option, it only makes sense that business is beginning to transition towards PVC fence panels.

We take great pride in the design and manufacture of all our PVC picket fencing. Unlike other companies, all Global products are designed and developed in-house, making sure we stand by the quality of our builds.

Our posts are built to Australian standardised dimensions. Flat panels are 1066mm to the top of the pickets, and Scalloped are 1066mm to the top of the pickets at the edge, and 960mm for their centre pickets. Picket dimensions are 75x25mm. Supporting post centres are 2133mm, supporting post height is 1678mm. Horizontal rail dimensions are 90x50mm. Optional gates come in a variety of sizes, including 1050mm, 1400mm and 1700mm.

All our fences are easy to install, with special interlocking joins removing the need for nails or screws.