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Office storage, whether it’s office shelving, lockers, cabinets, bins or trays, can influence the functionality and success of your business or home office. Studies show that a mismanaged office is a dysfunctional office, and can lead to loss in workplace efficiency, affect the profits of the business, and increase mental health risk.

Put simply, a disorganised office is an ineffective office. So, it’s only common sense then to equip offices with the right storage options, designed to efficiently meet space and operational requirements. And that’s how we can help at Global.

Every different business requires a different storage solution. Where other storage options provide a one size fits all mentality, Global delivers a range of custom-built storage solutions made to fit any size of storage request.

Whether you’re contracted to fit out an office, or are fitting out your own office, Global Industrial has a range of office storage solutions to fit your individual demands. With plenty of quality stock always on site, and at a price that puts the competition to bed, our expert advice and extensive experience, ensures your office fit out will be right, straight off the bat.

We offer a complete range of office storage solutions to fit every office environment. Whether it is the security of personal/valuable items in lockable cabinets and lockers, the versatility of upright and longspan shelving, or the storage of parts and ends in stackable trays and bins, we have the options and the know-how to make it work for you.

Our lockable cabinets provide great flexibility and security, allowing the safe storage of both personal and protected office storage. These cabinets come with a range of adjustable interior shelving, and are flat packed for easy assembly and portability.

Global lockers provide a secure personal storage solution for your workplace. These units are quick and easy to assemble. Each individual locker is padlock compatible for added security. Each locker is vented to minimise the build-up of odour.

Global shelving comes in a range of styles and sizes – to accommodate almost any layout. Built out of the strongest galvanised steel, and can be used for both standard and cool room storage. Chipboard can be added for general purpose applications and the steel galvanised deck is generally used for grocery applications and the and mesh deck for cool rooms. The feet are adjustable to make it easy to level the shelving where the floor surface is uneven. And the step beam allows a flush fitting of 18mm particle board. Beam ties are used to hold together the front and back z-beams, which also strengthens the shelving unit.

And Global trays and bins are the most convenient storage systems for loose and small office stationery and equipment.

We take great pride in the design and manufacture of all our office storage solutions. Unlike other companies, all Global products are designed and developed in house, making sure we stand by the quality and longevity of our builds.

Get your office organised smartly, efficiently and at a price point, that’ll work for you. The functionality of your office starts today.